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February Musical Madness: The Final Four

This month we are trying to decide which stage musical is the best of them all. We started out with 64 fantastic musicals, but we’ve managed to whittle things down to the final four. Which two will go on to the Championship?

Well, that was an unexpected round. Every single #1 seed got knocked out. Les Mis fell to West Side Story, surprising me and many others. The battle between Phantom and Rocky Horror was incredibly close. They traded the lead back and forth overnight. Fiddler and Little Shop were also insanely close throughout the voting. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the Lion King and Chicago as Simba was finally sent to join his father.


This time you only have two votes to cast. Will Rocky Horror continue its Firefly-esque run and triumph over the dominating Chicago? And who will come out on top of the fight between Broadway pedigrees, Fiddler and West Side Story? Your votes will decide it.

Fiddler on the Roof vs West Side Story


Chicago vs The Rocky Horror Show



Final 4: Today

Championship: Thurs. Feb. 25

Only one more round after this. Just want to thank everyone once again for participating. Hope everyone continues to enjoy themselves.

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