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February Musical Madness: The Sweet 16

*Polls are open now. Oops* The musical madness continues as we’ve reached the Sweet 16. We started out with 64 amazing musicals, but in the end there can only be one show left on the stage. Who will it be? Let’s raise the curtain and find out.

What an ordeal that last round was. We had two match-ups decided at the last possible moment, and we ended up with a tie between The Lion King and Spamalot which had to be resolved with a Twitter poll!*


There were some surprising outcomes as well.

Anything Goes fell to Oklahoma! in a tightly fought battle. 42nd Street was trounced by My Fair Lady, and even Jesus Christ Superstar was unable to stop the Chicago juggernaut.

Of course, if you thought the choices in the previous round were tough...

We’ve got the King of Siam facing off against the Sharks and the Jets. Witches versus Tradition. A Singing Family dancing around a Sweet Transvestite. And some Cellblock Women confronting the Dusty Plains. And that’s only half of the match-ups. I expect much teeth gnashing and tear shedding.


*A note about the tie-resolving last round. A coin toss was considered to decide the fate of The Lion King and Spamalot, but as I couldn’t be considered an impartial referee that option was out.

Region 1

Les Miserables vs My Fair Lady


The King and I vs West Side Story


Region 2

Wicked vs Fiddler on the Roof


A Chorus Line vs Little Shop of Horrors


Region 3

Phantom of the Opera vs Hairspray


The Sound of Music vs The Rocky Horror Show


Region 4

The Lion King vs The Producers


Chicago vs Oklahoma!



Sweet 16: Today

Elite 8: Fri. Feb. 19

Final 4: Tues. Feb. 23

Championship: Thurs. Feb. 25

As always, hope everyone is enjoying these brackets.

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