Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Final Countdown for Space

Space has gathered 170.9k US People for May so far, with 12 days left to collect another 129.1k. Here's my stories from last week in a tidy list for you to browse at your leisure, just in case you missed one that you'd like to share. ;)

The way the numbers work is that Uniques are every individual IP address, and People are those Uniques minus anyone logged in via multiple devices. Only American IP addresses count for the advertising numbers, which breaks my little heart pragmatically as even I don't count in Canada, and poetically as it's just so cool to have readers in Iceland and Tunisia.

This week you can expect stories on fossils, exoplanet volcanoes, geophysics, and Stargate.


Edited to add: At 3+ stories a day every day, I just realized I'm somewhere over the 200-article count. I'm afraid to do a wordcount, but I suspect I'm now banned from ever playing in NaNoWriMo...

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