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Final Fantasy Four Job Fiesta Charity Event

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Friends, I come to you with an opportunity to help raise money for charity by playing Final Fantasy V. This is the centerpiece of the Final Fantasy Four Job Fiesta, a charity event that will run all summer. What it is is a challenge run of Final Fantasy V involving a strict usage of the games Job System. The charity part comes in with the idea that you will pledge a certain amount of money for finishing a run/reaching other goals in a run or enticing other people to donate via streaming your run. You don’t have to actually give any money if you can’t/don’t want to but it is a charity event so the option is there.


The way the challenge run works is that when you sign up (done through Twitter) you will be assigned a job at random by the fiesta system depending on what kind of a run you want to do. In game there are milestones in involving the four crystals (Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth) and at certain points you will acquire a new set of jobs from each of those crystals. When this happens you will need to tweet at the fiesta’s Twitter bot (Gilgabot) in order to get you next job (You needn’t worry about the wind crystal since that’s the job you’re assigned from the start). You can only use the jobs you are assigned in order to complete the run with the exception of the Freelancer job which you can use up until you get the Wind Crystal job.

There are different kinds of runs you can do which you choose at the start when you sign up for a run, and are as follows:

  • Normal Run: When you get jobs you are only given jobs that are unlocked with each crystal I.E. You can only get Wind jobs from the Wind crystal, Water jobs from the Water crystal etc.
  • Random Run: You can get any job from the pool of jobs you’ve already acquired I.E. For the Wind Crystal you’ll get a Wind Job but from the Water Crystal you can get a Wind or Water job and pool keeps growing with each crystal you get.
  • Chaos Run: With this you can be assigned any job in the run, even ones you haven’t acquired yet. If you do get a job that you haven’t acquired yet you’ll have to use the Freelancer job until you can get to a point where you do get one of your available jobs.

Additionally there are a few additional sub runs that you can do along with the three above:

  • Team 750: You will only get jobs that can break rods AKA magic users plus ninjas.
  • Team No 750: You will only be assigned jobs that can’t break rods AKA fighters and such.
  • Classic: You will only be assigned jobs that were in the first Final Fantasy game AKA Knight, Thief, Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, and Red Mage.
  • Natural: This one is an extreme challenge run. Basically only Bartz can use the Wind Job, Lenne can use the Water Job, Faris can only use the Fire Job, and Galuf can only use the Earth Job. Until the characters acquire their jobs they must play a freelancer. Additionally the use of cross job skills is disallowed.
  • Upgrade: Another extreme challenge run. You must only use the Wind Job until you get the Water Job at which point you can only use the Water job until you get the Fire Job at which point you can only use that. That continues until get the Earth Job at which point you must only use that until you finish the game. You can use any skills unlocked by the previous jobs with your new jobs.
  • Berserker Risk: choosing to add this to your run basically guarantees you getting a Berserker (Which is the most difficult class to use in a run) Also for every $10 that gets donated to the Fiesta everyone with the Risk will get another Berserker.

You can play any version of the game with the fiesta run but I’d recommend finding an emulator of the Game Boy Advance version of the game just for the ability to fast forward. The Fiesta doesn’t start until Monday but you can sign up for a run now. All the money donated will go to Child’s Play.

If you have any questions just ask them down the comments or pay a visit to Fiesta website itself (link at the top)


Update: The event has started early and has launched today.

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