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Final Stretch for Bee and Puppycat!

Less than a day to go for the amazing animated series Bee and Puppycat Kickstarter!

They made goal, but we can get more episodes with more support! So this is a bit of a heads up for all of you who loved the first two episodes or an intro if you guys haven't seen this before. It's got gorgeous animation, great characters, and a promising storyline (not bad for two webisodes, no?).


Give it a try if you like Adventure Time, give it a try if Sailor Moon might've been part of your childhood, give it a try if you like good things! You must like good things, right?

Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frede…

First two episodes:

Look, I wouldn't plug just anything, and this series has gotten io9 coverage before, so check it out!

If you don't like it, then please feel free to internet shout at me.

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