…to designing a Jaeger. May I introduce the Czech Jaeger Knedliky Delta?

Much like his homeland, Knedliky here is old, graffiti-ed, gruff, and his pilots drunk more often than not, but when there's Kaiju to be killed, Knedliky Delta like his namesake doesn't save the sweetness of victory for dessert; he makes it the main course!

Ahh, to Hell with fighting Kaiju. I just want a big meal of fruit-filled knedliky like we had a couple times a summer growing up, when my Czech grandma was still alive and it was easier to get all the cousins together for a weekend at 'The Lake' filled with swimming, moldy old board games, getting conned into helping put out the pier and the raft, and calling fruit-filled dumplings topped with butter and sugar "dinner" so we could still make s'mores and not be doubling up on dessert or anything like that.