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Finally saw Sherlock S3E3 Spoilers inside

Spoilers inside

Wow. So Moriarty maybe had a person in a mask and forced him to shoot himself? Maybe it isn't really him but someone who picked up some pieces of his network that Sherlock didn't get to? Should be another good bout of conspiracy theories before it returns. When is that by the way?

And... as for the episode itself now that was a great episode of Sherlock. All of it. And when you realize that Sherlock's play was always to make sure there wasn't a hard copy of any of the information and that's why Watson had to bring his gun... nice!


Overall the first episode of the season was still a flop for me. The second was decent and the third was great. I'll still take Elementary over Sherlock, but it is nice that they're setup for a 4th season that could be a great trio of episodes.

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