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FINALLY! The day has arrived!!! I have waited so many years for this! I may weep openly! Excessive Exclamation!!!!!!!!

EDIT: In compliance with a mod request, here is some more information on The Scarlet Gospels.

This is Clive Barker’s newest novel, his first adult novel in many years. It started as an idea for a novella to be included in a short story collection he was putting together, but blossomed into a novel almost 400 pages in length. According to the author, this is the end point of a mythos, the final word on the demon commonly called Pinhead. Barker’s occult detective Harry D’Amour (Lost Souls, The Last Illusion, Everville) ventures into Hell to rescue his friend, the blind medium Norma Paine, who has been abducted by Pinhead and dragged to the underworld . Barker says this is the last time we will see Pinhead but remains ominously silent on whether this is the end of Harry D’Amour.


A PERSONAL NOTE: Not every ODeck post has to be engineered to optimize the chances of being moved to the front page. I personally think it’s ok to just express your excitement occasionally and if people are curious enough, further information is just a Google search away. And while searching, you might find your way down a rabbit hole and discover even cooler stuff. I think maybe we get used to having everything presented neatly on a platter and it maybe stifles that natural tendency to seek out new stuff to squee about. I’m not here to argue, I actively avoid it, in fact. I’m just putting my two oboli in. And I don’t run this place, I just hang out here. But it’s not my job to sell Clive’s book. I’m just a fan. I’ll try to do better.

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