Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Finished the Borderlands 2: Assault on Dragonkeep DLC today...

...ALL the feels!

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Frankly, for a game that is so over the top, juvenile and destructive on your eyeballs... Tiny Tina's story, from the base game to the DLC, is seriously compelling and is voice acted outta the park! (All hail 'Hey Ash, Watchya Playing'!!!!!)

But back to the DLC, it throws down ALL the boardgame and fantasy world tropes down and then some... references from everything are thrown out and the script is just bang on.


Sometimes, I could barely shoot straight for laughing my ass off... and goddamn if there wasn't some genuine jump-in-your-face scares that i haven't experienced since...jeez...Nightmare on Elms St, perhaps?

and yes, you wont be able to look at a D24 again and not wish it was bigger...

...is they ever give out awards for DLC, this should be right up there. Absolutely gorgeous, great audio and if I had one complaint...its only that it almost feels wasted on what is essentially a brainless shooter.


I could easily play an entire game, as a proper RPG, built around this DLC.

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