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Firefly Is My Life

My first book I ever read was Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert Heinlein when I was five. Ever since then, I've wanted to leave atmo and rise up into Space.


Star Trek was the first real show that gave me that feeling, so my dream was to be a crewman on the Enterprise. Back then it was all we had so it never seemed corny or farfetched, it just was. And we ate it up. We had fanclubs and letter-writings, I even ordered and got a gold Captain's shirt and the official scripts for each season.

When it went off the air, we made do with Lost In Space, but after the first season it DID feel corny, even to a young, precocious boy. I simply knew it wasn't serious.


Buck Rogers In The 25th Century was good starting out but again went with corny, almost from the get-go.


Space: Above And Beyond was a dream come true. Realistic, gritty and sad, (sometimes), it was cancelled way too soon.


Then, of course, there was Babylon 5. The best then, the best now.

After that, there was Firefly.

It was the first time, even moreso than the Enterprise, that I actually felt like I was lifting above atmo and winging through space in my own living room. The ship made sense, it was laid out so that you could tell from the outside what the inside was like.


Now, I'm re-watching the series and I'm in the middle of "Out Of Gas" and it's matching my mood perfectly. Sadness, despondence, grieving and shock. They are suffering, I am suffering, and it all hits me. This is why I love this show so much.

I am there.

Above atmo.


And I'm out of gas.

But at least I have Serenity.

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