Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Monday is the 4th of July here in ‘MURICA! and that means thousands of pops, bangs and whistles will be shot off between now and next Wednesday. As we here are not all American, I thought we should have an old fashioned .gif party to celebrate freedom, tea destruction, and general HOLD MY BEER buffoonery, regardless of where you live.

I have also learned that today is Canada Day. *From what I understand, this is a day in which Canadians walk around to each other’s houses and apologize, profusely, for anything they have ever done. It’s a revered holiday that was created when Canada first became a country and then quickly apologized for upsetting anyone that was offended by this act.


So bring on the celebration of incendiary devices that are banned in like 50% of the country, but for some reason can be purchased on every street corner because ‘MURICA!!

BONUS: Video of a drone flying through fireworks:

*I have no idea what Canada Day is. I just assume it involves trapping fur and listening to Anne Murray.

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