All this has happened before . . .

And all this will happen again, only slightly differently this time.

Kyle Reese dips into a clothing store after that son of a bitch took someone’s pants. He’s evading a cop again, but something isn’t quite right . . .

Despite being advertised as a “clip,” the editing on this feels a bit janky, giving it the feel that it’s happening faster than it should. Either that or the director is just awful at building tension. The 1984 original felt like it had a better sense of panic with Reese evading his human pursuers. This clip seems like it has been edited down to capture a longer scene in a shorter amount of time.

It’s nice they’re trying to recapture the “feel” of the original, but I hope the final product is put together a bit more competently than this clip.


edit: There’s a longer clip including a later scene with Reese meeting the Terminator that raised Sarah as well.