Day 9 / blog 8 of my 30-day challenge. This year I took my first steps into the con / cosplay world. I wanted to describe the process I used to select my costume and obtain my key prop, because it is awesome, and I am proud!

First, I'll begin with my costume selection process. I attended my first con this year, and I chose a biggie: Denver Comic Con. It's only the second year but it's something like the seventh biggest con in North America. Around 50K people attended. It was epic! I was mostly excited about cosplaying, but the panels and sessions were cool too.

I felt a lot of pressure in deciding who to cosplay. It was my first time, so I wanted to make the most of it. The problem was, the characters I wanted to cosplay were all guys. Mal Reynolds, the Doctor, Harry Dresden, all badass brunette people roughly my age from Game of Thrones... Doctor Who finally had a companion who looked like me - Clara - but unfortunately I'm not that crazy about her in her contemporary form. Also, she didn't have that "wow" factor I was looking for. I came back to the Doctor, and after wracking my brain it finally hit me!

Mary Poppins, Time Lord!

It would give me a way to be the 11th Doctor, but a woman, but with a twist. (It seems like Femme Doctors are a popular cosplay choice, and again, I wanted to be unique.) I already had the Eleventh's sonic screwdriver. I just needed to figure out how to select the right components to create the mashup. Too much Doctor, or too much Mary Poppins, and I would lose the mashup element and just be taken as one or the other.


Here are a couple of pictures I used for the Mary Poppins aspect. (Note the bow tie. Bow ties are cool.) Other elements I elected to use are: the skirt, the shoes, the white shirt, and the carpet bag and umbrella.


As for the Doctor, I mostly took the tweed jacket and the screwdriver; the bow tie and button-down shirt already coincided with Mary Poppins.


I was incredibly lucky to find most of the clothing at Goodwill or the Salvation Army store. At first, I thought I could get a men's tweed jacket cheap and then have it tailored to the Mary Poppins cut (buttoned higher in the front, with a hem that gets lower towards the back). But it turns out that tailoring a men's jacket is ASTONISHINGLY EXPENSIVE so that was out. Fortunately, I found a women's tweed jacket in my next trip! It wouldn't have the Edwardian cut, and it wasn't the right color of tweed, but I was over it, because I was so pleased to find anything I could use off the rack. I found some great shoes (a size too small, but worn so they fit me sufficiently well), a long black skirt, and a white shirt with the right kind of collar. It had to button up all the way so I could wear the bow tie, but also have a feminine and/or Edwardian look.


Now, there was one key piece that I needed to acquire: the carpet bag. But not just any carpet bag; it had to be a TARDIS carpet bag. (Because it's bigger on the inside, y'see.)

How was I to go about this? How would I find something the right color, the right size, etc.? Did I successfully assemble my costume in time? Cliffhanger!


You'll just have to wait until my next blog to find out!

To be continued...