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First Folio tours the US

As many of you may know, it’s Shakespeare’s 400th deathaversary. The Folger Shakespeare Library, which has been buying the folios up for quite some time, is sending one on tour to the 50 states (and Washington DC and Puerto Rico.)*

If you’re interested in seeing it, they have a list of where it will be. The places that got it had to apply for it. I know my mom had concerned trying to get it for our library, but you apparently have to have an armed guard for it when the library is open. (She did not think my suggestion of having our cats guard it with cuddles and naps would help her get it.)


This is only one of MANY events going on for the deathaversary: The globe in England has been doing a two year tour to visit every country in the world and perform Hamlet, so far they’ve hit 157 countries. I’m going to be seeing a hip-hop Othello in Chicago this May. There will be a 2.5 mile route on the bank of the Thames where they will be playing 37 ten minute films of each of the plays. Fifty bajillion books are being published in April alone.

There is a lot to be on the look out for, if you’re into Shakespeare. Happy Deathaversary.

Art by Brandozim.

*The Bodleian Libraries at Oxford has a folio on exhibit at their Mark of Genius exhibit. (No entry fee, apparently?)

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