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First Foto Friday!

Did you see what I did there? Yes, it's the first ever Foto Friday here at io9. This used to be something Gawker's Crosstalk did before they nuked the board from orbit. The point of it is we learn more about each other through pictures of our stuff. Now that every phone has a camera (and we FINALLY have a computer upload button!), it's easier than ever. This Friday's theme is...



I mean the stuff you'd run in to save when the Earth is being bulldozed by Vogons. Something so awesome, you doubt you'd ever be able to find another like it. It's the prize of your collection.

Mine was a tie. Above, we have my Sandman 20th Anniversary bookends. I believe there were only a few hundred made and I don't know how I was lucky enough to pre-order them from my local comic book shop, but they came through for me and I love them. They naturally hold up my vast collection of Gaiman books.

The others are my geeky plushies. Here we have my Invader ZIM plushies and my limited edition Comic Con Hellboy Skelanimal plush. He usually lives on my bed and has been set on my bookshelf for the photo. Not pictured are my Kuroneko from Trigun, my Nightmare Before Christmas plushes and MLP Twilight Sparkle.


So show me YOUR most prized geeky possession, so I don't look insane!

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