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First Inevitable Wave of Star Wars Screencaps

The X-Wing in the foreground is both a great composition and a compelling acknowledgment of the losses suffered by both sides in a war. It makes this scene less of monument to victory and more a graveyard.

I'm glad the New Empire is no longer dancing around their identity of being being straight-up bad guys. Embrace your fascist regime whole-heartily by including a splash of unequivocal yes-we're-evil red, I say!

Capes for everyone.


That's some good set piece, right there.


I really thought I was beyond having my nostalgia blatantly manipulated to produce a rush of endorphins, but this has proven me oh-so very wrong.


Edit: It would be unethical of me to leave out the super-awesome melted Vader helmet pulled from his funeral pyre. The respirator decomposed to look like teeth is ingenious.

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