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“The first Jedi temple. You will never find more adorable beehive huts of slate and puffinry. We must be cautious.”

The First Jedi Temple was filmed at Skellig Michael, a jutting spire of mountainous rock piercing the Atlantic off the Iveragh Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland.

But you knew that.


Today, Mika McKinnon — a writer around these parts who’s really into geophysics and science writing — (re)tweeted how the Great Skellig is also a home to puffins, who like to nest there.


Skellig Michael is a protected sanctuary for the birds, and the Star Wars production crew had to be careful not to disturb their habitat. There are probably few places on the planet that show the existentially sublime and the ridiculously adorable at the same time quite like this. As Mika put it,

TIL Luke Skywalker hangs out with baby puffins.

But word is production may have left something behind, and that could lead to a new creature in the Star Wars universe.


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