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First Terminator Genisys Reviews Are "Lackluster" [Update]

Early reviews for the movie are coming in, and they are unsurprisingly “meh.”

Edit: Added another positive review, this one from Cinema Blend.

Hollywood Reporter - This terminator is past its expiration date.

Variety - Arnold Schwarzenegger is back (again) in this time-shuffling reboot of a series whose best days are long behind it.


Deadline - [T]he film overall feels like a greedy attempt to set up the franchise for another endless trilogy of movies.

On the flip side, slashfilm says it’s the best Terminator movie since T2.

Screenrant has a longer synopsis of each of these reviews.

Cinema Blend - With a successful hard reset on the Skynet / humanity conflict in play, Terminator Genisys reinvigorates the franchise and allows fans to have something they haven’t had in a while: hope for an even more kick-assed future. Genisys does what the last two Terminator films couldn’t: entertain.

I’ve been excited what I’ve seen from both of the main trailers so far, and I’ve been actively avoiding the 3 billion (or so) clips posted online over the last couple of weeks - too many spoilers - but I can’t say I’m surprised by what these reviewers are saying. I’m still trying to schedule time to see it on opening night, as I imagine it will be fun to watch while they hit all the nostalgia beats they are trying so carefully to appeal to. I remember really loving it when John Connor dropped the radio in Salvation and Guns N’ Roses started blasting, but this one’s looking like it’ll hold up about as well as that film does to repeat viewings.

At least we’ll always have the first two.

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