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First trailer for Star Trek: Renegades!

This almost got overlooked with all the Doctor Who busienss going on, but the crowd-funded Trek project from Tim Russ (Tuvok) and Walter Koenig (Chekov) finally has a trailer!

It looks damned good for an indie Trek web film!

And we get glimpses of: Icheb (one of the Borg kids from Voyager, now all grown up!) a new villain race, a Breen fighting the baddies (is he/she one of the good guys??), a Cardassian run afoul of someone, Doctor Lewis Zimmerman (the creator of the EMH holograms), Sean Young as a co-scientist of Dr. Zimmerman's (and something more, it seems...) and plenty of laser guns and explosions!


UPDATE: meant to add the initial Kickstarter teaser vid from Russ and Koenig that sets up the premise:

UPDATE: holy hell, 50+ comments? WOW!!!... thanks Charlie Jane for posting this to the main page!!

OFFICIAL PAGE: http://www.startrekrenegades.com

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