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First Trappist beer brewed in the US now available

...in Massachusetts only, for the time being. Sorry. (Not sorry, more for me. Suckers!)

I actually live less than half an hour away from St. Joseph's Abbey, which has been certified as one of only 10 monasteries worldwide (and first in the United States) that can use the "Authentic Trappist Product" label on their beer. A ton of press went out about them in the last couple weeks but the product just hit store shelves yesterday.


It's a blond ale, a little lighter than what I usually think of as a "normal" trappist ale (Chimay or Orval are my comparison points here). Even at 6.5% ABV they're still calling it a "session beer".. I've got a good tolerance but that session would be on the short side, I'd think. Can't wait to sit down with a full glass of this stuff and give it a thorough review.



(On another note, I could have sworn that one of the Gawker blogs already had an article about this stuff a week or two ago. Does anyone know if there's a way to search the entire network at once instead of just individual blogs?)

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