Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So I recently switched internet providers and of course, AT&T has to be the Devil and throttle my precious torrenting! My internet slows down to a crawl for a few minutes then back to normal, but torrents are downloading at dial-up speeds. Horrible. I'm annoyed since I'm paying a good $60/mo for this damn service and I'm stuck on a one-year contract. Just look at Kim K, that's how I feel like right now. Hurt, shocked, mad, and on the verge of tears. Life is so unfair, guys.

Anyway, so does anyone here have any experience with their ISPs throttling their P2P/torrent downloading. Any solutions? From what I'm reading a paid VPN that supports bitorrent/p2p might be a good way to go, but I'm unsure if it'll work and which ones are the best way to go. Maybe usenet? Private trackers, but those would be throttled too, no? I need solutions people. How else will I be able to watch... foreign shows unavailable in my country?!


EDIT: So I feel like a tool now. I checked with Glasnost to see if I was being throttled on P2P and apparently I'm not, at least the test couldn't find any signs of my download or uploads speeds being messed with. Then I realized last night I had only reset the router trying to fix the problem and I failed to do the same with the modem. So I did... and it's all back to normal. I can't believe I overlooked the simplest of solutions.

Thanks for all the suggestions and everything else (including offering invites)! I feel so silly now and I wish I could delete this post...

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