Wherein I had to actually use a thesaurus (the book, not the website) to look up synonyms for Awkward to polish this recap up a bit. Also, we had some great dialogue throughout the entire episode, and some truly hilarious moments. Spoilers ahoy!

“It’s weird to be holding your autobiography when you didn’t write it.”

We see Earth-2’s Harrison Wells at his own Star Labs in Earth-2 giving a speech on Meta-Humans and the threat they possess, and how he and his team are working on ways to detect them to help the safety of the citizens. Jay Garrek in his Flash glory comes and accuses Wells of creating the Meta’s in the first place with an event that sounds very similar to what happened at the other Star Labs in Earth Prime. Wells says that Flash is the superhero and he should just do his job and stop Zoom.


Then we see Wells with the crew at Star Labs in Earth Prime. It was definitely an awkward meeting to say the least. The team doesn’t want to trust him, while knowing that even the real Earth Prime Wells wasn’t their enemy, as it was Thawne. They agree to let him help fight the Metas regardless.


Wells admits now that he created Zoom, as well as the other Earth-2 Meta-Humans. He also says it’s his responsibility to help capture them. Joe arrives and sees Wells and immediately (seriously, no verbal warning no attempt at just apprehending him) fires at him with his weapon. Barry uses his speed to save him before attempting to calm Joe down.

“I’m trying to keep him from shooting you, you aren’t helping.” GIF?

Caitlyn then realizes that she knows someone else from Earth-2 that might be able to help them decide whether or not to trust Wells, and leaves to find Jay. Barry rapidly explains the situation to Joe, but then Joe tells him that Wells was caught burglaring Mercury Labs. No resolution, end scene.


Then we see Iris and Linda at the Newspaper, Joe comes to tell Iris about the situation with Wells. She seems alright with it, because ‘that’s life in Central City these days’. Joe just wants her to be careful and safe, and since she doesn’t have Eddie to protect her, he gives her his extra gun just in case.

“I never thought I’d miss time travel.”

Two back to back ties for Cisco’s Line of the Night:

“You do realize that when I said I wanted a drink, I didn’t mean a latte, right? I was talking about alcohol, like, mind numbing alcohol.”


Barry wants Cisco to get along with Wells, for now, despite how complicated the situation is. Behind them in line at Jitters is Patty who overhears them talking about time travel and asks if there’s a Meta who can do that. They assure her time travel isn’t possible. She tells Barry that she was right about King Shark, and says that he almost beat the Flash who was saved by some hooded guy. Barry assures her that ‘the Flash’ had it well in hand.

“I just watched a half man, half shark take on the fastest man alive. I love this city.”

She asks if Barry would like to “help her write a police report” which is some pretty heavily handed innuendo if you ask me. Barry declines saying there’s some “science stuff. Stuff I got to science the stuff out of.” She leaves. Cisco rolls his eyes. Barry said he was going to ask her out before King Shark ruined the moment. (Which means he was going to ask her out as the Flash? Awkward.)


“Watch and Learn,” says Cisco before awkwardly hitting on the barista in a way that was just brutal to watch. She understandably declines.

“We’ve got another breacher.”

Cisco then has a vision of a bank robbery with a woman in a mask who throws energy beams of some sort. He tells Barry that he needs to go now to Central City bank, and he rushes off.


The Flash zips over to the Bank to find the robbery in progress. She gets away. Harrison Wells, now going as Harry, gives them the profile on their latest “breacher”. Her name is Doctor Light, who was a small time thief before the incident, who now has powers of starlight. Which is literally not cool.

New Cisco Line of the Night:


Harry wants to trap Doctor Light to lure Zoom to them in the hopes of beating him on their terms. That’s when Caitlyn returns with Jay, who is not on board with Harry helping in any capacity, and is firmly against luring Zoom anywhere. They fight it out, each accusing the other of not doing enough to be hero or stopping the bad guy. Jay tells Harry that he isn’t in hiding, that he was stripped of the Speed Force and trapped in Earth Prime and now he’s working with Barry to stop Zoom.

Jay points out that Zoom likely didn’t send Doctor Light here to kill anyone, as she’s a thief not a killer. Therefore, they should look into what Zoom might have sent her to steal. Barry says that their first step is to find her, then they can figure out what she’s planning.


Barry then turns to Cisco to ask him how he knew about the bank robbery. Cisco declines to follow Stein’s parting advice and instead lies and says he got an alert on his phone. Cisco’s look to Caitlyn then was a little sad. Cisco changes the subject to how they can track down Doctor Light.

Barry goes to see Joe to see if they have any leads on the bank robbery, but first he runs into Patty. Another awkward encounter and flirting. Barry uses a hundred words to ask her out, and she uses a hundred words to say yes.

Back at Star Labs Cisco converses with Harry. Harry asks what Wells did to Cisco, Cisco tells him that Wells killed him, shoving his hand into his chest and pulling out his heart. Harry says he doesn’t have to like him, but he has to be able to work with him. Harry wants to examine the program that Cisco is using for the satellites to track Doctor Light, Cisco says not to worry about it.


Doctor Light has been spotted again, and before Barry can go after her Jay reminds him that she isn’t a killer and can be reasoned with. Barry finds her and offers to help her get away from Zoom. She’s understandably scared of him and worries he won’t be enough to stop him. She unmasks revealing the face of Linda Park. (or Earth-2’s Linda Park as it were.) She blinds Barry and takes off.

Thankfully, Barry’s regenerative healing powers will reverse the blindness in 6.25 hours. Harry points out that if Barry had just stopped her with force instead of trying to reason with her he wouldn’t be suffering right now. Barry points out that he was caught off guard because she looked like his ex-girlfriend. Which, everyone assumes, is why Zoom sent her.


Jay and Caitlyn are off to check on their universe’s Linda Park, just in case she takes a page out of Atom Smasher’s book and goes after her doppelgänger. Iris arrives and is startled at the sight of Harry. Her and Barry talk a bit about her mother, with Barry assuring her she can talk to him about anything. Barry gets a text from Patty that she’s running late for their date, which Iris reads for him and thinks it’s an excellent idea and encourages him to go despite his blindness.

“What color is that anyways?”

Barry goes on the date with Patty with Cisco being his eyes via some glasses and Barry’s communicator. I hate to pause the show at this point to laugh at the absurdness before continuing. Patty apparently doesn’t realize anything strange about Barry’s clumsiness, she’s just happy that he didn’t stand her up. She breaks the first rule of dating (do not talk about your exes) to tell him about the time she arrested a boyfriend on a date.


“That color should thank you for wearing it.” Pause again to laugh at the absurdity.

Meanwhile, Jay and Caitlyn are enjoying the “one constant in the multiverse” which is coffee on a stake out in the Star Labs van. Caitlyn asks about Jay’s relationship with Zoom, and he tells her that he was afraid of Zoom and they had been fighting each other for a long time. Caitlyn asks for Jay to just talk to Harry so that they can work together, Jay assures her he can’t be trusted. She points out that she doesn’t trust him either.

Back at the most awkward date ever, Patty asks Barry about the time he was struck by lightning. When he explains it, then states that he woke up nine months later she mentions that that must be like time travel, making it the second time she’s brought it up this episode. Foreshadowing? She then tells Barry about the time he heart stopped when she drowned when she was nine. So they both cheated death.


She finally points out that she thinks Barry cannot see her. That missing that would make her a really bad detective. THANK YOU. So Barry comes clean, which he should have from the start. Well, sort of clean as he doesn’t tell her the details.

“They’re the symptoms, Zoom is the Plague”

Back at the stake out, Caitlyn and Jay are taking about the difference between their earths. Stuff like how Atlantis is above water on Earth-2. They get supper close and are about to kiss when they’re attacked by Doctor Light and knocked out. Doctor Light then does go after Linda Park. Iris stands in her way though.


Doctor Light says that killing Linda and becoming her is the only way to stay alive. I’m wondering if there’s some truth to that. The multiverse trying to correct itself so that there only one of each person in each universe.

Before Doctor Light can kill Linda though her boss tries attacking her and is blasted. You can tell Doctor Light was horrified when she killed him, just a little bit. Iris shoots light with a headshot, which only removes her mask revealing Linda’s face underneath. That’s when Jay shows up and Doctor Light flashbeams everyone and escapes again.


Patty is leading a still blind Barry down the street after their dinner. They have a cute goodnight kiss, which somehow magically restores Barry’s sight. Then their night is ruined when the both get the call for the incident at the newspaper. Linda is freaking out about her doppelgänger, Joe puts a security detail on her.

“It’s your fear getting in the way.”

Barry blames himself for not protecting her, despite his blindness. They retrieve Doctor Lights mask, but know any testing on it will only point to Linda. Barry returns to Star labs to check on Caitlyn and Jay. Jay and Harry argue again about the way to deal with Doctor Light. It escalates to Harry calling Jay a coward and a fistfight breaks out.


Harry tells Barry that he’s a better speedster than Jay and it should be Barry mentoring Jay and not the other way around. Barry mentions the mask, and they ask if Harry can use it to find Doctor Light. Then he outs Cisco by saying that all they need to do is give the mask to him so he can use his powers on it. That’s when he reveals the watch he uses to detect Meta-Humans, and that Cisco didn’t know about the Metas because of his tech, but because of his powers.

Barry asks why Cisco hadn’t told them. Cisco tells them he was afraid because of what Wells said, and that he was afraid that he would turn evil because of his powers. Jay asks about how his vision works, Cisco tries to explain about his “vibes” then attempts to give a demo as he touches the mask, but he sees nothing. Harry pressures him until a vision comes, saying that he’s just afraid. Cisco has the vision of her on the platform at the train station.

Flash clears the platform of people until it’s just him and Doctor Light. It’s Harry that tells Barry how to defeat her, by using a ‘Speed Mirage’ where he runs to fast it creates after images so that it appears that there’s more than one of him. Barry does that whole ‘I’ve never run that fast!’ Speech, before running faster than he ever has before. Barry eventually knocks her out and takes her into custody.


“I’m just here for coffee this time.”

They again resort to locking her up in the pipeline, presumably since her DNA and everything will point to Linda Park, so I kinda get the reasoning, but still.

Barry says that they’re going to follow Harry’s plan of using Doctor Light to lure in Zoom. Jay says that he won’t be in part of it, knowing it would lead to Barry losing his speed or his death, and warns that Harry has a lot of secrets and they should be questioning his motives.


Cisco returns to talk to the Barista, this time just to order coffee. She reverses it so that she’s the one asking him out now, because she’s new to Central City. And then we’re officially introduced to Kendra Suanders, AKA Hawkgirl. “And that’s how it’s done young padawan.”

Barry and Caitlyn comfort Cisco about his powers and they don’t think he will be corrupted by them, and then Caitlyn gives him his new code name, Vibe.


Back on Earth-2 we see Zoom is holding Harry’s daughter hostage. Which is why he’s helping Flash and co. presumably.

Assorted Musings

  • “I don’t suppose you have a Big Belly Burger in this universe?” LOVE IT.
  • What does Harry really want with the satellites?
  • Why is Patty interested in time travel?
  • Jay has a best friend from Atlantis? Is there a bigger Easter egg than that?
  • I’m still loving Tom Cavanagh in this show, I’m glad they kept him around.
  • I hope Cisco comes to love his powers. Or turns evil and teams up with Golden Glider. Dealer’s choice.
  • I’m wondering how soon we see Hawkgirl in action.
  • Also, how & when are they going to introduce Wally now that Iris’s mom left again?


Here’s Next weeks Promo, & I agree with Joe, terrible idea.