One month was too long after that stupid cliffhanger, but the Flash is back and the scene is getting set for the finial stretch of this season it looks like. “Trajectory” wasn’t just a solid episode, it was a good pivot point as well. Spoilers ahoy!

“Maybe plummeting to your death is the motivation you need.”

The team is, again, working on making the Flash go faster; this time by running fast enough to jump a river canyon. He doesn’t quite make it, but instead of plummeting to his death he’s rescued by Cisco’s drones catching him in a net.


Back at the lab the teams reaches the conclusion they all need a break because they’ve hit a wall and recreation leads to increased productivity. At Cisco’s urging they head to a club, and after convincing her father that she will be okay he agrees to let her go too, but he makes her wear a special watch “for protection”. They meet up with Iris and Wally at the club, and Barry fumbles a bit at how to introduce Wally.

Once the two of them are alone, Barry and Iris talk about the fact that in both the future on their Earth, and on Earth-2 they are married. Then a speedster zips in a ruins the moment by robbing everyone in the club in rapid succession. Barry chases after her, but is unable to catch her or even get a decent look. Everyone at the club, meanwhile, thinks that it was the Flash.


Those at the club aren’t the only ones who think it was the Flash. Iris gets called into work at the paper where her boss demands that she writes up a piece on how Flash went Rogue and used his powers for petty thievery.


“It’s called Velocity-9"

At the lab the team discusses how there happens to be a new Speedster in town. It can’t be one of Zoom’s henchmen since the breaches are closed. It’s unlikely they were given powers during the particle accelerator explosion only to wait until now to make themselves known. Then Caitlin says there’s another way, and her and Wells tell the boys about Velocity-9. Barry is frustrated because he was working hard to get faster, when they’ve had something all along that could help him.


Cisco has a Vibe about Zoom, but before he can talk about it the Meta Alarm goes off as there’s been another sighting of the ‘Bad Flash’. Flash again fails to apprehend her. At the lab Flash fills them in, and Caitlin has an idea of who the ‘Lady Speedster’ is. Eliza Harmon was a colleague of Caitlin’s who helped design the Velocity-9. Caitlin pays her a visit, but Eliza puts her at ease saying she kept her security tight and destroyed the originals of the work when she turned it back over to Caitlin.

After they leave though, we see Eliza alone in the lab talking to herself, and we discover that not only was she able to replicate Caitlin’s V9 recipe, she took it and became addicted. She takes her last vial, but it’s okay because she knows where to get some more.


“You lose a chunk of your humanity every time you compromise your values.”

Barry is getting ready to train some more when Wells catches up to him. Wells accuses him of taking the V9 and Barry says he took it, but hasn’t taken it yet. They have a discussion about morality and the pros and cons of Barry taking the V9. Barry wants to use all resources he has to save and protect people. Wells says the ends don’t always justify the means.

Everyone is gathered in the lab wondering how to locate the Speedster, when she comes to them. First she locks the Flash up in one of the cells for Metas, then incapacitates the rest of the team and takes Joe’s gun and uses it to threaten Caitlin and Wells to making her some more V9.


They do, but Eliza isn’t very trusting. She accuses them of lacing it with something to knock her on her ass. To make sure it really is V9 she injects the first dose into Jessie. After a blood transfusion from her father, Jessie appears fine. She confronts her father about all the terrible choices he’s done in the name of ‘protecting her’. She seem troubled that he was able to hand over the drug to an obviously crazy Speedster without blinking.


“Villain’s gonna vil.”


That moment Cisco speaks the voice of the fans.

Cisco lets Barry out of the cells and they get to work finding her, which isn’t that hard at this point.

Eliza is on a bridge, running back and forth and creating enough friction to take the whole thing down, along with everyone on it. Flash arrives, and the first thing he does is evacuate the people. Trajectory then collapses the bridge, with Flash on the opposite side. In a throwback to the opening scene, Flash needs to jump it, and to do that he needs to go Mach 3.3.


The Flash makes the jump and catches Trajectory, and tries to talk her down from injecting herself again. He knows she isn’t a bad person, that she isn’t in her right mind, and they can help her. She rejects his help though, and injects herself anyways. As she speeds away, her lighting turns blue and she screams as she is vaporized.

“We’ve seen a speedster in two places at once.”

Jesse takes a bus to Opal city, leaving her dad a message on the watch that she needs to go out and explore this new world on her own, without him there to shield her. She needs to go out and learn what he can’t teach her.


When Wells rejoins the team they were discussing the blue lightning that Trajectory was emitting. Barry wonders if it’s a side effect of V9. Caitlin says that Jay took V9 as well, but didn’t emit the blue lightning, but that might be because he wasn’t going as fast. Then they realize that maybe Zoom is taking V9 and that’s why he needs Barry’s speed, to cure himself. Then they realize that both Zoom and Jay have the same problem.

That’s when Cisco finally speaks up that he has been having visions of Zoom when he’s near Jay’s helmet. Barry smashes open the display case so Cisco can touch it and maybe have a better vision. He does, and he sees Zoom remove his mask to see Jay’s face.

Assorted Musings

Everything about Iris’s plotline this episode was just lame. Don’t date your boss. If you’re musing about marriage to Barry pick a side already.


So we saw how Velocity-9 gave Eliza a split personality type of thing, is this also what is going on with Jay/Zoom? Is it possible Zoom is an outright clone or something and not exactly the same person as Jay?

It wasn’t until after the episode I realized what the watch Wells made Jesse wear was. It was a Meta-Human detector, and it went off when Wally showed up at the club.

Cisco needs to start working on those glasses he got from his Doppelganger so he can use his powers better. He’s had a month!


Does this mean Jesse has speed powers now? Can we see them?

I’m curious to see if we will see Opal City in the show. It’s been mentioned a few times now.

I’m just gonna leave this here: