This was a fun episode in the most comic booky, campy, kinda way. I laughed at the absurdness of it all and in general found it amusing. Others might nit-pick, but I think this show emulates exactly what a Flash comic feels like, time travel paradoxes and all.

This is from the Texts from Super Heroes tumblr page. I thought it was more appropriate than a traditional cover photo.

“That dude gets weirder every time I see him.”

Barry is at Star Labs putting his speed reading to use again, this time working out the science on his own to increase his speed. Cisco brings him books, but Caitlin is the one who compared Flash’s movements to Reverse Flash and Zoom to discover they’re moving their legs at essentially the same speed. However, Barry’s still about 30% slower, possibly because his feet spend more time in contact with the ground. She’s also the one to ask if it’s possible he is just unable to run that much faster.


The West family is having dinner together at their house. The second that Joe steps out Iris and Barry share a weird moment. Iris admits that she went on a date with her boss, but that it was weird for her because she still thinks about Eddie every day. Barry, to his credit, takes this in stride. He tells her that Eddie would want her to find love again, and that only she will know when she’s ready to move on.

Then Wally walks in and it’s back to family mode. Wally is working with his professor on a project to increase the speed limits with smaller propulsion systems. Wally says he learns by studying the best, which in his case is Ferrari and Porsche, by studying their journals. Barry then realizes he can do the same and rushes out.

“Barry’s pretty good at impersonating himself.”

But it’s not the journals he wants to learn from, it’s the man himself. While Wally can’t talk to Ferrari or Porsche, “because they dead”, Barry has the ability to speak to the dead. Or rather, travel back in time (a year or so) before they died. The team, obviously, is all against this. Wells in particular is adamant that there is an infinite number of ways Barry could screw this up.


Barry points out that if they do nothing then they’re all in danger anyways. If he can’t defeat Zoom, and Zoom get his power they’re all in danger from him. They’re running out of options, but Barry strongly believes that he can make this happen without too much fallout.

Cisco then finds the perfect time for Barry to try and get back to. It was the moment when they were all acting strangely around Wells already, because it was when they began to suspect him of having prior knowledge of the particle accelerator explosion. Therefore, any further strange behavior won’t seem to abnormal. Caitlin conjures up something to knock the old Barry out.

“We’ll see you in like two seconds.”

Barry’s jump is off, but not by much. He’s just a bit early by a few days. Flash is taking on Hartley. Hartley knocks him off his feet and Flash takes him out of the area. Then it’s Flash on Flash action as Barry doesn’t have time to explain to his past self what is going on. Then future Flash takes out Hartley and brings him in.


Instead of listening to future Caitlin and Cisco and NOT interfering with the timeline, Barry does it the first chance he got. SERIOUSLY?! He tells Cisco to scan Hartley’s ear pieces for low level electromagnetic pulses. Therefore, Hartley can’t use them to escape like he did originally.

Cisco isn’t above Rick Rolling.


Then Barry broaches the subject of looking mathematically at his speed to improve his performance with Wells. Wells seems suspicious, asking Barry where he got the idea for such an unorthodox approach. Barry simply claims he knows he’s not the fastest man alive, and he needs to be faster to defeat the man in yellow.

“The Speed Force, you manipulated it.”

Joe is talking with Eddie (who isn’t dead yet) about Wells and their suspicions, and Joe asks him to go back and research his house. That’s when a police officer in Barry’s lab sees something emerging from a map of central city, it’s a wraith. The team at Star labs gets the call and Wells sends Barry over to check it out. It escapes before he is able to do anything. Barry is a little odd about seeing Eddie again.


Back at Star Labs, the team is trying to figure out what the wraith is, and how to track it. While Cisco works on that Wells takes Barry away to talk to him in private.


They’re in the time vault at that. Wells Stands and Barry’s unflinching attitude proves to Wells that he’s not really his Barry Allen. Barry half admits it, and Wells deduces he’s from the future.

Barry’s presence alerts Wells to the fact that his plan fails. Barry tells more half-truths, enough to calm down Wells. He says that Wells did win, that they worked together to launch him forward in time, and Barry back in time. He mentions the singularity, the danger to the present earth that requires him to go faster. Wells believes him, but also thinks that he doesn’t need him, he can just slay him. Then Barry says if that happens then the present Barry finds a letter giving away Wells’s secrets, including how to beat him.

“You’re going to help me get faster.”

The thing that attacked the prescient it apparently a Time Wraith. Thawne originally thought it was coming for him, but realized that he had been too careful. It’s part of how he figured out how Barry was from the future. The Wraith then follows him to Star Labs.


Cisco and Caitlin flee from it, right into Hartley’s cell. Hartley then is able to use his gauntlets to admit a frequency that is able to scare it off. Wells admits that they (yes, the plural Speedsters) have no idea how to stop them, which is why they try to avoid them. Wells tells Barry to look at his office again while he checks out Star Labs.


While checking his office for clues Scooby-Doo style, Barry grabs Eddie for a moment. Barry asks Eddie to record a video for Iris about what she means to him, claiming it’s for a montage he’s putting together for her birthday present.

Meanwhile, at Star Labs, Cisco and Wells are working on Hartley’s gauntlets and trying to figure out how to fight the wraith. They realize though that they’re going to need Hartley’s help to get them to work. That’s when current Barry returns to the lab.

“Where’s the other Flash?!”

So we now have two Barrys (Barries?) at Star Labs. Cisco tries, and fails, to figure out which is the imposer, though Future Barry points out he’s not a doppelganger.


After some fumbling, Future Barry tries to explain that he’s from the future. Wells gets him to stop talking, without giving away that this was something he already knew.


Then Wells takes Future Barry back into the Time Vault, to answer the problem of his speed equation. Wells says it is Tachyon Enhancement. Wells downloads the information needed from Gideon onto a flash drive for Barry, and tells him to follow the instructions. Barry gets ready to leave, and as a parting message he tells Cisco that Hartley knows where Ronnie is.

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to revisit the things in the past holding you back.”

The Flashes switch their emblems back to their own and Future Flash sets out. The Wraith shrieks after him as he tries to build the speed to time travel. Then Past Flash gives Future Flash a hand and he’s able to open the portal to return to his own time.


In the present, Cisco and Caitlin thought they found a way to defeat the Time Wraith, but they were wrong. It pins Flash to the floor.

Thankfully, Hartley is there with his gauntlets to save the day. The team asks Barry how his trip went, and Barry shows them the drive Wells gave him in the time vault.


Then Barry goes to see the good Wells, and console him about the fact that he still can’t find Jesse. Barry tells him he did the right thing bringing her to his earth to protect her. Wells says it seems like every decision he made was back firing on him lately.

After that Barry has one more person to console. At the Wells house, Iris is moping over some old albums. Barry tells her he was putting together a video montage for her birthday last year and he forgot with all the craziness that happened. He plays her the loving message from Eddie.


Assorted Musings

In the original timeline they got the idea of a white emblem from a picture of Future Barry, this time they got it from Future Barry himself. I thought it was amusing.


Again, Wally thrown into a scene just to further the plot a bit and remind us all he exists.

We didn’t see any changes to the timeline other than Hartley himself, wonder if we will.

They need to figure out what they’re doing with Iris, preferably soon.

We’re heading towards the next showdown with Zoom!