Rupture: noun rup·ture \ˈrəp(t)-shər\: a crack or break in something; medical : a break or tear in a part of the body; a break in good relations between people or countries. Which definition did you think that this episode conveyed? Spoilers ahoy!

“Fingers don’t fail me now”

Last week Wells said he was gonna help Barry get his speed back by recreating the particle accelerator explosion. Let’s see how well that works for him. We start out with Barry running on a treadmill while the Flash chases after some guys in a car. The Flash is actually a hologram that Cisco projected to keep the bad guys form realizing that the Flash is no longer protecting the city.

The team is against Well’s plan. They don’t want to endanger the whole of Central City to return his speed. Wells makes a compelling argument though. The hologram won’t keep people fooled for long, and more importantly it’s not going to do anything to help get Caitlin back.

Barry needs to think, so get gets out of town and heads to visit his father. He confines in him all that happened recently. He completely IGNORES the fact that his father hesitates when he mentioned Garrick, and then says that Garrick was his mother’s maiden name. This is why you’re not a Ravenclaw Barry. Barry also tells him about Well’s plan to recreate the explosion, and despite his reservations, he wants to help him, so he returns with him to Central City.

“I don’t know if designing cars is what I’m meant to do with my life.”

Wells is working on what he needs to, in order to recreate the explosion. Cisco is still arguing against it, but has to leave all of a sudden when he gets a vision of his brother Dante.


At the station Joe and Wally get a message from Iris, but first Wally asks Joe about being a cop. Apparently ever since the Flash saved him Wally has been thinking about what he wants to do with his life, and Joe notes that Wally inherited the West gene for wanting to help people. Joe says “I’m sure there’s something out there that’ll satisfy your need for speed and helping people” and I fist pump the air. Kid Flash imminent.

Zoom interrupts them. Followed closely by Caitlin who begs him not to hurt the West boys. He doesn’t, but says that the city is his and anyone who disobeys him will be killed. The captain calls for all the men in blue to clear out.

When the team regroups at Star labs, Wells tells them that is how Zoom originally took over his Earth-2. He urges Joe to get the police out of there (because they’re all just chilling outside the precinct) and instead of you know, heading to a different precinct, Barry suggests they set up shop in Jitters, as you do.


“I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

We see that after taking over the police precinct, Zoom set up shop there, and he has Caitlin chained up at one of the desks. She tries to figure out what he’s going to do, and at the same time reassure herself that Barry and the others will stop him. She asks why he’s keeping her, and he says that he’s tired of being alone, and that she’s more like him than she thinks. She has a darkness inside of her, she just needs to unlock it.

Meanwhile, Cisco ditches the team to check on his brother who is having a few drinks at a bar. Cisco tells him that he just had a feeling that he should check in on him. It doesn’t go well. I guess getting kidnapped and threated to be frozen alive isn’t something that brings people closer together afterall.


Cisco was just leaving when he sees the news that CCPD has been taken over by Zoom. He rushes out, but with Dante following him says he needs a ride. Before they get far though, a man with a scythe appears and knocks them off their feet. He calls Cisco Vibe, and says that he’s ‘got beef with him’.


Cisco tries to talk himself out of it, with some very cute Princess Bride references, but the man isn’t taking it. He says that Vibe killed his brother, Reverb. Instead of trying to calmly explain that Cisco wasn’t the one that killed him, but that it was Zoom, they high-tail it out of there in the Star Labs van. When he tries to stop them, Cisco puts the van in reverse and knocks him off his feet.


“You know what you need to do.”

At Star labs the preparations for the Particle Accelerate Explosion Act 2 is underway. Joe locks Jesse and Wally in the time vault, against their objections, to keep them safe. Joe and Wells then try to talk out how they’re going to convince Barry to go along with it, when Henry walks in.

Henry says that they shouldn’t be convincing anyone to do anything against their will. He is surprised that Joe, who loves Barry like a son, would go along with it. Joe says he’s not sure what the right thing is. Wells, on the other hand, says that’s it’s bigger than just Barry, as Zoom is threatening the whole world now.


The team regroups, and we learn that the man who attacked Cisco is Rupture, another metahuman under Zoom’s control. He also tells them that the scythe is how he gets his powers. Cisco says he will try to figure out a way to get it away from him. Wells uses this opurtunity to tell Barry that he knows what he needs to do to protect his friends.

Barry claims to need ‘a minute’ even though I’m sure nothing else has been on his mind the past however-long-its-been-since-Zoom-took-Caitlin. Iris, who just happens to be there, follows him. Instead of comforting him, or reassuring him, or doing anything remotely helpful to helping him make a decision, she instead makes it all about her.


She says she’s been thinking a lot about them, and if maybe they’re meant to be together. He, of course, brings up the time when he told her how she felt. She says she wasn’t ‘available in that way’ then, but she is now. She just wants him to know that it doesn’t matter to her (because it’s all about her) if he’s the Flash or not.

“They think they’re safe, show them they’re wrong.”

Caitlin is not waiting for the team, and is instead working on her own escape. She gets a hold of a box of evidence, including a cell phone. She doesn’t get much father though until she overhears Zoom talking with Rupture, who says he was unable to kill someone, though he doesn’t mention who. Zoom then gives him the order to take out the police that have regrouped.


Caitlin uses the cell phone she got to send a message to the team at Star Labs: “RUPTURE ATTACK JITTERS 2NITE”. Wells traces it to the police station, which tells the team that Caitlin sent the message. The whole team turns to Barry to see what he is going to do. He says that while the City needs the Flash, he refuses to go through with Well’s plan until he knows it’s safe. He won’t risk affecting everyone in Central City.

“Time to win an Oscar”

Cisco is packing up some equipment when Dante, who has been apparently chilling at the lab this whole time, confronts him. He found a note that Cisco wrote addressed to him and their mother on his desk from when he went to Earth-2. He asks what Cisco has been up to. Cisco tries to explain about his powers, and the team, and helping people.


Joe heads to Jitters to mobilize the police force. They wait until Rupture shows up and put their plan into action. Cisco does the hologram of the Flash again to get Rupture riled up. They distract him long enough for the Police to take him by surprise. The get the scythe away and take him away in cuffs.

At the police headquarters, Zoom is surprised to hear that Rupture was apprehended after an altercation with the Flash. He immediately realized they were forewarned and figures out that Caitlin was somehow able to warn them. He is ostensibly surprised by her cleverness, despite claiming to be in love with her. He is also hurt by her ‘betrayal’ and zooms off to take his revenge.

He arrives at Jitters, and in a quick moment snaps the neck of everyone in the room except the captain, Joe, and Rupture himself. Barry dashes in and yells at Zoom to stop, that he made his point. Zoom tells Rupture he was an even bigger disappointment than his brother, before killing him. He then take the news camera and says that there is no more hope, no more Flash, and no one to protect them from him. Zoom says that the only reason he leaves Barry and Joe alive is because of his affection of Caitlin.


“What more do you need?”

At Star Labs, Dante tries to connect with Cisco after realizing what he ran off to do. They hug it out because they both want things to change.

Jessie and Wally at getting restless sitting in the time vault. The decide to try and find their own way out. Wally says he would rather be helping stop Zoom than sitting safely.


The team regroups to try and figure out Zoom’s next move. Wells says that he will recruit all the other Metas to his side. They ponder how many more there could be, when Wells whips out a list of all the Metas from his Earth that he never mentioned before because reasons. Seriously, that would have been super helpful sooner.


Wells is also frustrated because Zoom is doing exactly what he predicted he would do, and they still are skeptical about what he says. Barry says he’s ready to go through with Well’s plan. He says that one of the cops killed tonight had a son, who is the same age that he was when he lost his mother. He hates the fact that another kid is going to grow up the way he did. He made this world vulnerable to Zoom, and now he has to stop him.

“No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention.”

I’m not going to recap all the pseudo-science, but suffice to say that Wells has found a way to focus and control the antimatter and dark energy necessary to give Flash his powers back in such a way that the explosion itself isn’t so grand as before. It’s not just that they need to recreate, but the lightning bolt as well. For that they need the want that Cisco built, not for the Harry Potter convention, but for Mark Mardon.


Cisco gets on the roof with the wand and heads to the satellite to cause a lightning storm. Barry gets into the breach room, where he’s clamped down. Henry tells him that he doesn’t need to do this. However, Barry reiterated that the Flash is the best version of himself. Wells starts the peparations.

In the time vault, Jesse figures out how to open the doors to the time vault, just as the team gets the party started. Wells injects Barry with the necessary substances. Cisco triggers the lightning. Barry appears to combust. A flash goes through the lab knocking down the team. Wally and Jesse are also knocked down in a burst of energy (Dun-Dun-DAAAA!)



Zoom appears after seeing the lightning, and says what everyone is thinking, that Wells killed the Flash by trying to give him his speed back. The whole team breaks down in fits of emotion in their own way as the camera pans to the ruined emblem on the remains of the Flash uniform.


Assorted Musings

I have HP on the brain due to a themed event that I’m heading to this weekend. Then the show made quite a few references. So here’s the (not really) official sorting:

  • Gryffindor: Joe, Cisco, Henry
  • Ravenclaw: Caitlin, Jesse
  • Hufflepuff: Barry, Wally
  • Slytherin: Iris, Wells


I loved the whole debate among Wells, West, and Henry. And the way Barry stopped them all.

I hated the Iris crap. I don’t hate them as a couple, but I hated what they did in this episode. Iris comes off really self centered/self absorbed when she should be helping Barry through his rough time like he did for her just a few episode ago.


How many were saying that the man in the mask was Henry and/or that Henry was the real Flash? I know there were a few. I think that’s right on after this episode.