Team Flash was in quite a predicament the last time we saw them. There were a lot of possibilities and even more questions. Let’s talk about what happened, and what will likely happen next, in your Flash Megathread. Spoilers Ahoy!

We open with the scene after Barry’s departure. Everyone is beaten up. Cisco is determined to find him, denying that he’s gone. Wells’s first thoughts go to his daughter, and he get anxious when neither her nor Wally respond. Wells, Joe, and Iris rush to find them passed out on the floor. Iris gets Wally out of there, but Jesse’s heart stop beating so Henry agrees to look at her.

Cisco takes a closer look at Barry’s suit, and it gives him a vibe. He sees Barry, and he is alive. He’s just not certain where he is.

“We kind of invented trippy here.”

Barry awakes in what appears to be a little boy’s room, complete with dinosaur toys and books. He walks down the stairs to find himself back in his home after his mother’s death, down to the police caution tape. Barry finds Joe standing there, but when he greets him, he reveals he isn’t Joe. They just chose this place and person believing that a familiar face would help him.


Then not-Joe asks Barry what he knows about the Speed Force. Barry says it’s the source of his power. Not-Joe chuckles, then continues on for him. The speed force was there since the first subatomic particle burst forth, and would be there until the end. Not-Joe is apparently an embodiment of the Speed Force itself, and will not send Barry back until he passes a test, and when a phantom passes by says he needs to catch it.

Henry does his best to take care of Jesse, who despite her near perfect health, is not waking up from a coma. Iris points out that her condition is a lot similar to how Barry was after the accident. Henry then asks for any record of that treatment, thinking it might give them some ideas of how to treat her. Cisco says they’re in the morgue, and him and Iris head that way.

“A Zombie, for real?”

After finding the records, the two of them hear some banging noises followed by a door being busted down. Tony-who Cisco now refers to as Zombie Girder-makes some loud grunting noises and appears very much like a zombie. He reacts to the light from the duo’s flashlight and runs off.


Barry is chasing the phantom when he runs into not-Iris. She tell him that they gave him a rare and precious gift, and he wasted them. When he says that he gave up his powers to save Wally, to be a hero, she denies that is what she was referring to. When he asks why they chose him, she replies simply that he is the Flash.


Cisco and Iris run back to the team telling them that their experiment with the second particle accelerator explosion also resulted in the reanimation of a meta. Joe takes control of the situation, pointing out they have a lot of fires to put out. He tells Henry to take care of Jesse, while Cisco and Wells work on getting Barry back. That leaves him and Iris to take care of the Zombie Girder.


“Define safe.”

Wells whips up a device that he calls a “simple feedback loop” which should use Cisco’s vibe powers to connect to wherever Barry is to be a beacon to his physical form. Cisco makes it work, and reaches out to Barry. Barry doesn’t take his hand though. Not-Iris told him if he returns now it would be without his powers.

Cisco doesn’t give up though. Iris finds Wells and gets worried when she sees Cisco and makes him stop. Cisco tells them all that he saw Barry, and that Barry saw him. However, Barry turned away from him, and he is not sure why.


Iris and Joe are tracking Zombie Girder’s movements, and realize that Jitters was where he was headed with wanton destruction in his wake. Henry points out that humans are creatures of habit, and recounts the tale of a cellmate who escaped and was apprehended because he returned to an old girlfriend’s house. Then Iris realizes that she was his target, and she wants to use herself as bait to lure him back to Star Labs.

“I have to get home.”

In Not-Central-City, Barry is still chasing the phantom until he runs into not-his-dad. Barry demands an explanation of why they are accusing him of denying his powers, pointing out that he has saved countless lives, and made many sacrifices since he was struck by lightning. Non-his-dad asks him why, for all that, he never came here, and the camera pans to show Nora Allen’s gravestone.


Barry asks why he brought him here. Not-his=dad asks if Barry ever really accepted his mother’s death. Barry says that he had a chance to save her, and he didn’t. How could he ever be at peace with letting his mother die? Not-his dad points out that he saved countless other lives because of that decision.

At the Wells house, Joe tries to subtly tries to ask Wally if he is exhibiting signs of being a meta-human. When Wally doesn’t really answer, thinking he is referring to puberty, Joe drops a mug to see if he would use speed to catch it. He doesn’t.

Then Zombie Girder shows up, and Iris says “what the hell” and runs out so he would chase her. They’re headed to Star labs. Cisco has whipped up a giant magnet specially for the occasion, and flips it on once they are safely behind it and he is dead center. Nothing happens.


“Plans A through G did not work.”

The team locks themselves in the pipeline, but they know the door that they locked behind them isn’t enough to keep Zombie Girder out for long. Iris volunteers to use herself as bait again, but Joe isn’t having it. They know the only way to defeat him is if Flash returns. Cisco realizes that when he saw Barry that he had a look on his face that was almost like he didn’t want to come back.


Barry follows the Phantom back to his house, where he finds not-his mother seated at the table. Barry admits that he never accepted his mother’s death, and doesn’t think that he will. Not-his mom says that what happened isn’t enough to protect him, even the Flash can’t outrun all tragedies. She also tells him that she’s proud of him. When Barry asks who is telling him that, the speedforce or his mother, she replies both.

Then they sit on the couch as not-his-mother reads him the book “The Runaway Dinosaur” about a dinosaur who lived with his mom and we see that Barry still remembers the words to the book, which is adorable. After, not-his-mother says that he is ready. Barry rises and when the phantom zips past, Barry grabs him and finds himself back in his suit.

“Barry, come home to me.”

The team is trying to contact Barry again. Cisco gets his suit on and Wells fires up the necessary machines. Henry asks if there’s a way for him to see Barry as well. Wells says it’s possible if they are in contact with Cisco while he’s Vibing. It’s Iris who takes Cisco’s hand though, and calls out to him. He looks back at not-his-mother once more as she says “Run, Barry. Run.” Before he takes her hand and they return to Star Labs.



They welcome him back, but there isn’t a whole lot of time for celebrating as Zombie Girder is still pounding at the door. Cisco explains the situation in record time. Barry grabs Iris and lures him away for enough time for Cisco and Wells to set up what they need to. It isn’t enough time though, so when Wells and Cisco aren’t ready he uses his speed to charge the turbines and brings down Zombie Girder by himself.


“The sound of your voice will always bring me home.”

After the excitement is over, Barry pays a visit to Jesse. Electricity sparks between them as he takes her hand, and she awakens. The rest of the team are in awe, and ask him how he did that. He shrugs it off, but Wells says it was the Speed Force. Henry checks out Barry and they have a discussion about fate, and how it all led them to where they are today.


Barry and Iris then go to visit Nora Allen’s grave. Barry brings the book to leave by her headstone. Barry and Iris have a heart-to-heart about what family is. Barry says he spent too much time being angry, and not enough appreciating what he had. He says that while he doesn’t know exactly what they are or why they go from here, he is everything to him.


We then see Zoom and Caitlin talking. He wants her to join him, but she is reluctant. Zoom says he is leaving to meet with some friends. If she is still there, then he knows she chose him, and if not then she chose her friends. Zoom appears at the top of the balcony overlooking the police station, and gives a speech to the other meta’s riling them up. We don’t see Caitlin make a decision though.


Let’s see how many we can spot:


Assorted Musings.

Cisco/Wells dynamic is really coming along.


Iris/Barry dynamic is more bearable, I suppose.

Barry used the Speed Force to awaken Jesse, I hope she exhibits powers soon.

Joe used the same mug trick on Barry once before. Maybe he just hates mugs.

Cisco references iZombie, which is another CW show, and it very much looks like they could’ve borrowed that morgue from their set instead of making a new one for the show.