Finales can be difficult. They wrap up the current storyline, and set up the next. They have to create enough emotional investment that fans anxiously await the next season. Let’s talk about whether or not Flash was able to do that. Spoilers ahoy!

“I’m going to take from him what he took from you.”

We return moments after we left off the last episode. Barry in his boyhood home watching his father die after being stabbed by Zoom. Flash reacts in a rage, pounding Zoom, and chasing after him when he ran away. We finally get a well done fight scene between two Speedsters. When it comes to giving the finial blow though, Barry can’t do it. So Zoom kills himself via another time remnant.

The following day, the team gathers to pay their finial respects to Henry Allen. Barry attempts, but fails, to give a eulogy, so Joe steps up and delivers a moving speech. Barry only vows revenge. At the wake following, Wally gets the chance to thank Barry properly and offer his help in these troubled times.

When Barry leaves to get some air, Iris follows. He tells her about how he finally came to peace with his mother’s dying while he was in the Speed Force. He isn’t sure how he will ever be at peace with the loss of his father. They’re interrupted by Zoom, however. He says that he wants to prove that he is the fastest, and he challenges Flash to a race. He also says that if Flash declines, then Henry won’t be the only one he loses.

“One Pulse to destroy them all.”

The team regroups at Star Labs, and Wells realizes why Zoom is set on racing Flash. The device he stole from Mercury Labs is Magnatar which can be used as a Polsar which means if weaponized it can destroy the earth with the right power source. Which is why he wants to race, to siphon the energy off of both of them to power the device. Which of course makes Barry think he has to race him, and win.


Joe tries to talk him out of it, with little success, as Barry is too worried about protecting those he loves. The more Joe hears the anger in Barry’s voice, the more worried he gets. When it becomes obvious that words won’t be enough, Wells appears and drugs Barry so they can trap him in a cell in the pipeline. It’s not just them though, the whole rest of the team decided that this was for his own good, as he can’t face Zoom with that much anger.


The team starts work on their own plan to take down Zoom-without Flash. Cisco is able to track him down. Caitlin is going to distract Zoom while Cisco opens the breach and Wells takes out the device. Or that’s the plan at least.


Caitlin goes alone to meet him, saying that she made a mistake when she left and that he was right about there being a darkness in her. Zoom says it’s too late though, and he goes to stab her. That’s when he realizes Caitlin is just a hologram. The rest of the team springs into action to take him down, but it goes sideways when Joe ends up going through the breach with him.

“No, you’re gonna save our dad.”

The team regroups at Star Labs. Cisco gets more and more vibes, but the visions are in flux and it’s hard for him to make sense of it all. Wally appears and asks what happened to their father, and when they tell him, he questions why they locked Barry up. Then Iris also says that Barry won’t be going after him, because the whole team agreed that if Zoom got off the earth, then they would close the breach for good.


Zoom chains Joe up in his secret lair, but Joe seems nonchalant. When Zoom insists that Barry will give into Zooms demands to save Joe, Joe simply says that it’s not happening. Then when Joe asks about the man in the iron mask, Zoom reiterates his origin story, then added on his adventures in other Earths, and how he tried to steal the speed from the man in the mask but couldn’t.

Back on “our Earth” Wally releases Barry and tells him what happened. He argues with them all, but the only one he seems to listen to is Caitlin, but eventually he convinces them. Vibe does his thing, and sends the message to Zoom. Flash says he will race, but only if Zoom returns Joe, which he agrees to do.



“Brought the whole crew with you, huh?”

Flash and the team meet up with Zoom. Wells tells Zoom that he figured out what he was planning, and Zoom finishes it for him. He plans on wiping out all the other universes, except for this one. The team builds up Barry’s confidence as he mentally prepares. Zoom says that they need to make about 500 laps to power the device, so Barry has that long to stop him.


While racing, Barry splits into a time remnant, and one version saves Joe while the other focuses on Zoom. Flash then creates his own pulse to counteract the device, knowing the blast would be enough to kill him, which it does. Meanwhile, the other Flash pounds on Zoom in the finial showdown. Barry still can’t make the killing blow, however. Thankfully that’s when the time wraiths show up to exact their own punishment on him.

“That’s why I’m so sorry, but I have to do this.”

Back at Star Labs, Wally is trying to wrap his head around what happened. The team does a poor job of explaining it all. Wells and Cisco work to get the mask off of Zoom’s other prisoner. It’s none other than John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick, the real one. Barry can’t handle seeing his father’s face though, and walks out.


After a moment, the team prepares to send the other Flash (Jay Garrick) back to his own home, on “Earth-3”. Cisco says that they can get him to Earth-2, and Wells says that he and Jesse can help him from there since it’s time they went home as well. Wells says his goodbyes to the team, but Cisco makes it clear that it’s not a permanent goodbye and he will vibe his way over there to mess with him. Then he opens a breach and sends them all home.


We end the episode with Iris and Barry alone again. Iris says that maybe what they could have between would help him. Barry says before he can try and give them a chance though, he needs to work on himself first. Iris says that because he waited so long for her, she is willing to wait for him, so he is free to do whatever it takes.

Barry then runs away. He races back in time again to the night his mother died. He takes out the reverse Flash this time ensuring his mother’s safety, and the other versions of himself vanish.

Assorted Musings

The moment where Jesse says she wants to go home to Earth-2 when it’s all over, but it’s okay for her father to stay and live his own life was touching, albeit a bit rushed.


After the Joe and Zoom scene, you can totally tell it’s Henry under that mask.

I love Caitlin this episode, just everything about her.

I don’t really get the whole racing thing. How was Barry supposed to win other than tricking him like he did?


The time wraiths getting Zoom was kind of an odd way to finish his story.

What are the odds we aren’t going to see the Wells due next season?

I’m getting annoyed that everytime Barry and Iris get together they erase it somehow just so they can build it up again. Can’t skip ahead to the happily ever after, oh no.


AND IT’S FLASHPOINT TIME! (Which given the shared universes of DCTV is going to be confusing and convoluted I’m betting)

Cisco line of the night: