As much as I talk about Marvel (and yeah, I’m a True Believer through and through), I’m actually a huge DC fan too. My top three favorite DC characters are Superman, Green Arrow and the Flash, so naturally I’ve been GLUED to The Flash this TV season. With the way the first season ended, and actor/producer interviews that have come since, I have some speculation for where the second season may go.


In a brief recap of the finale- Barry Allen learned how he could travel back to the night his mother died and in doing so saw visions of his past and future. There were a lot of familiar and unfamiliar images in that two minutes.

Barry saw the Flash museum, Caitlyn as Killer Frost, himself in a prison uniform, and several scenes from the Legends of Tomorrow trailer. A few minutes later, the Reverse Flash was about to depart our time using a Time Bubble, when a helmet familiar to Flash fans bounced out of the time portal. Thawne recognized it and stated that it meant it was time for him to leave.


Then at the end of the episode, a singularity opened over Central City, and Barry dashed into it to try to close it at super speed. The episode ends with Barry leaping into the singularity and the screen wiping to the series logo.

So what happens next?

Well, Grant Gustin has said in interviews that the series may start exploring alternate universes, specifically name dropping Earth-One and Earth-Two. I think that’s probably coming sooner rather than later.


After the exciting final moments of the season finale, I think the season premiere will pick up where it left off. However, instead of being from Barry’s perspective dashing into a black hole, we rejoin the STAR crew on the ground. They watch as Barry disappears into the singularity... then it collapses and the day is saved.

But where’s Barry?

Barry wakes up, out of his Flash costume, bruised and bloodied. He’s horrified to discover that he’s wearing an Iron Heights uniform. He’s in prison.


The rest of the episode consists of Barry proclaiming his innocence, and talking himself out of using his powers to escape. He’s receives a visitor- his mother. At that point he realizes what’s happened- the singularity has shunted him into an alternate reality.

He tells his cell mate his story, and amazingly he believes him. The cell mate introduces himself- Sam Scudder. Scudder explains that while he was working at STARLabs, he created a Quantum Mirror, which he could use to traverse between universes. He used the mirror for crime and was caught by this world’s greatest hero- Citizen Cold. Scudder explains that the Mirror is still at STARLabs, and if they could get there, he can get Barry home.

Barry and Scudder escape alongside this universe’s Caitlyn Snow, AKA Killer Frost, and make their break for STARLabs. Once there, they’re confronted by Cold, Cisco, and (to Barry’s shock) Harrison Wells. Barry and Caitlyn fight Cold to a standstill, and she sacrifices her life to enable Barry to escape into the Quantum Mirror.


Meanwhile, Cisco has been trying to access the latent meta powers that Wells hinted at in the finale to see if he can see any sort of sign that Barry is alive. He’s able to successfully view the fight between Cold, Frost and the Flash. In another part of STARLabs, Joe and Professor Stein discuss how the timeline hasn’t appeared to change- they still have their memories of Wells/Thawne, and no outward changes have occurred.

Barry arrives back in STARLabs, standing in the Pipeline panting. The group joins them and he starts to tell them about what happened, but everyone is just glad he’s there.

In the end of episode stinger, Barry and Cisco walk past some mirrored surfaces in STARLabs, talking about his experience when Scudder appears for several seconds, a massive grin on his face, then disappears.


Think this is how season 2 might start to play out? Have your own theory? Share it here!