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I'm assuming we're a far ways away from putting emojis into business documents, and I do judge emoticons in any email longer than three sentences.

But we have no handwriting anymore! The keyboard has taken it away from us. Most people don't change their fonts to write anything in Word or other Office type applications, and fonts themselves display little internal variation.

I just used one that had a different "d" for "d~" and "~d" and "dd" than just any d lounging in the middle of a word. And it was...it was interesting. I'd like more fonts to do things like that, and then maybe favourite fonts aren't just nerd things.


What's yours, by the way? (Comic Sans and Papyrus are off the table just because the table can only handle so much).

Here are my favourite for different uses:


They're all easy to read. Still, it would be even more individual and easy would be more variants within the alphabets.

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