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For all you True Detective fans and fans of quality writing in general

If you aren't reading Matter, first off shame on you. You really should be. It is quality writing and reporting on a number of interesting subjects. Honestly, it's a refreshing dose of something the internet really needs. Quality over quantity.

Secondly, there was an article that went up earlier today regarding Who Killed the Jeff Davis 8? It is a somewhat lengthy read, which I love about the majority of Matter articles, and very thought provoking. They really dive in and tackle the issue while stating things as simply and in accordance with the facts as possible.


I've still not seen True Detective yet, not enough time but I'm hoping to catch it this weekend (along with the latest season of Orange is the New Black). Nonetheless it made for a very interesting read and now I know what the show is about, since I've not read anything about it so I can form my own opinion on the show itself. Although I hear the acting by the leads is phenomenal.

If you're also looking for an additional Matter read worth checking out, check out Bad Blood. It concerns one of the most interesting cases of radioactive poisoning in the past decade. I actually remember the case very well because it basically had all the earmarks of a spy thriller/whodunit. Things I am very interested in. The first thing I thought before anything was known beyond "someone has been poisoned with radioactive material" was "I bet the fucking Russians did it". Sure enough, all evidence does indeed point to likely a State sponsored, or at least sanctioned, event.

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