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Welcome to yet another Friday Open Thread, where I get angry at something completely meaningless to the majority of the blog.

This week I’ve been playing the newly released Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and laughing at how a man sitting on the floor became a major political scandal. However the worst part of the week was when the Radio Times, the UK’s leading TV magazine, conducted a poll of its readers to decide the best British sitcom of the 21st century. This included modern cult classics like Black Books and The IT Crowd, incredibly predictive ‘fly on the wall’ political comedies The Thick of It and TwentyTwelve/W1A, and populist shows like Miranda and Benidorm.


The winner? Mrs Brown’s Boys. An Irish, largely fourth wall breaking, sitcom, with a largely Irish cast, featuring a man in drag who says feck a lot.

Why did it win? Probably because it was the only one still airing with multiple seasons out of all those in the poll.

Oh well, at least it demonstrates once again why most of a population can’t be trusted to do anything, including rating sitcoms.

This weekend I’ll probably be continuing Mankind Divided and also starting season 4 of my SG-1 rewatch.


So question of the week: What shows do you think were unduly awarded or overlooked.

As per usual you can also talk about the week so far and any plans you have for the weekend or anything at all really.

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