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Foreign Language Anime Song Jukebox

In honor of the great news that remastered Sailor Moon will start streaming on Monday, I'm calling for a nostalgic Foreign Language Anime Song Jukebox! What non-Japanese anime themes are your favorites? Post them here.

Admittedly, this list skews to the Latino versions as I grew up in a border town. After Sailor Moon got cancelled, I was lucky enough to get Mexican channels that showed all the anime! I got to see all 200 episodes long before Cartoon Network picked it up. Ah, the memories of taping it every day and then translating it live to my English-only friends.

Heidi is an old one, but a good one:

Every Latin American little girl in the 80s and 90s knew the Great Expectations-style saga of Candy Candy.

The Spanish lyrics for Magic Knight Rayearth were kinda lame, but the animation was slicker than any other cartoon out there at the time. P.S. Unless you like bloody eardrums, don't ever listen to the English dub version.

Super Campeones (Captain Tsubasa J) seemed like it was just endless running and flashbacks to when they were kids, but the theme song was rockin'.

The German Sailor Moon intro was a MIDI staple of GeoCities pages everywhere.

Squee! Maya the Bee is just full of cute.

No list would be complete without Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya). When I start my own country, this will be its national anthem.

BONUS: I have very vague memories of an anime called Angel that aired on Nickelodeon in the 80s. Anyone else remember it? I have recently tracked it down and found out its original title is Hana no Ko Lunlun. Check out her Parisian night suit.

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