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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I know: SHOCKED FACE! Fox News Editor George Russell (seen here), can barely contain himself. Climate Change? Oh, you mean the Lefty conspiracy to make us give up our precious fossil fuels for some bullshit reason like stopping a runaway greenhouse effect, or keeping sea level from rising? If we want to protect ourselves from future devastation, then we'd need to spend a lot of money to do it. And even if we did that then who's to say that other countries will follow suit? Sorry, but I think the best answer to the climate change problem is to completely ignore the problem and/or pretend like scientists are lying.


George Russell's article, which you should read for yourself, masquerades as genuine reporting on the issue of a UN report that outlines the process of deep decarbonization. However, looking at a few excerpts from the article, we can find agenda driven reporting which is pretty much par for the course from the right-wing Fox News organization.

The headline:

UN puts new momentum behind its radical green agenda for 'climate change'

Mandatory Obama statement:

But even though the Obama administration, among others, appears more strenuously committed to the draconian climate change battle than ever, "there is a challenge to bridge that gap," a UNFCCC spokesman told Fox News last week.


Mandatory denialism:

One reason for the challenge is the fact that despite the continuing growth in carbon emissions, global temperatures have not risen significantly since 2000, according to a variety of satellite and other measurements. Many climate experts refer to this as a "hiatus," but skeptics note that most computerized models used in global climate prediction have greatly overshot the actual readings.


Strong lack of faith in humanity (which, if trolls are any indication, may be warranted):

The unveiling of the interim think tank report attempted the double feat of arguing that huge changes in humanity's way of life were attainable — even while they "will require deep transformations of energy and production systems, industry, agriculture, land use, and other dimensions of human development," not to mention "profound changes in the prevailing socio-economic development frameworks."


And implying that the UN is not being fiscally reasonable or responsible:

How would this vast transformation be paid for, even as rich countries help poorer ones make the same transformations, as the U.N.'s agenda currently insists?

The Pathways report does not say. Instead, it notes that, "At this stage, we have not looked in detail at the issue of costs and benefits, not considered the question of who should pay for them." All that will be addressed, it says, by the time of a second major report in 2015.


Essentially, George Russell has written a long piece with a bit of honest reporting, and a good deal of nuanced skepticism. I understand that Russell really couldn't write this honestly for fear of losing his job, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that Mr. Russell actually thinks this way. I mean, Fox News does have an extensive history of voicing anti-climate change opinions.

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