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Fox Orders Lucifer to Series

Fox has ordered the pilot of Lucifer based on Mike Carey’s Lucifer comic book to series. This is great slash not so great news. Great because it continues the trend of seeing comic book characters brought to life on the silver screen, but not so great because of the premise of the show which almost sounds way too departed from the comic book series which whose premise made it so compelling.

The premise is a mix of procedural and supernatural: Lucifer bored with being the lord of Hell, goes to LA and opens a bar while simultaneously helping the LAPD punish criminals. While that sounds interesting, it fills me with ambivalence because I read the source material which is some of my favorite storytelling of all time and it seems pretty straight forward they should just adapt that. But on the other hand, Tom Kapinos wrote the pilot and is executive producing the series, and he knows how to write about all the themes the Lucifer comic book series touched upon. And its on Fox who has lately been really willing to go outside the box when it comes to their sci fi/ fantasy series.


I really don’t know how to feel about this news, but I know for sure I’ll be tuning in to see how they adapted Mike Carey’s work. What do you guys think?

Source: (TVline)

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