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FPS-Man turns Pac-Man into creepy first-person survival horror

Welcome to the world of FPS-Man, a Flash based first-person Pac-Man. Your world is a nearly pitch-black maze, with only the lifeless blue glow of your labyrinthine prison walls to guide your trembling, hesitant Pac-steps.


Instead of a full map, you have just a small display in the upper right corner, showing you the position of the dots nearest to you, an arc hinting at the direction of those further away, and nothing else. The switch from a detached, Godlike "omniscient view" of the whole map to a more limited first-person experience makes the game feel 1000% more claustrophobic and dangerous.

And so you are left to grope blindly in the dark, fearfully gobbling pellets with no hint as to what might lurk around each corner, until a faint colored glow appears suddenly and without warning . . ..

I'm pretty sure this means I won.


FPS-Man on Kongregate

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