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I was strolling through the edX and the coursera and Udacity, as one does, and bumped into an interesting course: Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative: Focused on Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings Online, this course explores what happens to stories and films when they are turned into online games.

Sadly, I'm probably under-qualified.

(BTW: Why can't anyone pronounce MMORPG smoothly? And it's ten times better if they have to expand it?)


Have you ever taken any free online courses, by the way? I took a Coursera course Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques. Theoretically it was great—I thought I could get either a simple handle on art history, as well as somehow combine that with some art of my own, 5-7 hours a week. Nope, nosirree. I found the choices for each week interesting but random, and the assignments were often more than I could accomplish in the time allotted (if I was going to at all—public installations of sculptures are not my thing, and I'm totally good with it).

But Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers is still on my watchlist.

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