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Free Idea for Marvel or DC: When Resurrections Look Bad

Resurrection is nothing new in comics. Countless franchise characters have been brought back from the dead, for any number of reasons, through any number of means. I propose a change on the trope.

Reading comics, we're past the point of losing 'name' heroes. We didn't mourn Captain America, or Hal Jordan, or Spider-Man. Or Batman, or Nightcrawler, or Colossus. We just held our breath. All of them rose from the grave. For some it took months. For others, it took years. For some, only a matter of hours.

In a fictional world where resurrection not only happens, but is practically commonplacehow would the public realistically respond to another hero suddenly coming back to life? What if they're angry? Or scared? Or resentful?


Can you picture those protests? "Why Cyclops and not my Aunt Ida?" "Where did he go? Where did he come back from?" The religious fervor! All these ministers, priests, nuns, holy men, scrambling for an interview with the resurrected, to hear if he or she went to their idea of heaven or hell.

This could work more easily in Marvel than DC; they seem to spend more time in-universe dwelling on what the public thinks of the heroes in action, while DC sticks closer to the heroes themselves. We've seen public reactions to the Superior Spider-Man's changes to his M.O. We've seen the picket lines outside Xavier's School for Gifted Students.

What If there was a public outcry in-universe about the next hero to return from the dead? Examine the result, instead of just accept it gratefully and move on.

Unsurprisingly, Joss Whedon's examined this enough to subvert it, if not deconstruct it. When Buffy Summers rose from the dead (the second time), she wasn't happy. She'd been pulled out of someplace good, and was brought back into a world of harsh reality. When Colossus was brought back to life for cruel alien experiments, his first sight of Kitty Pryde brought him to his knees. "Am I finally dead?" he asked, eager for release.


These devices have been in place for decades now, regardless of reboots on either side of the DC/Marvel fence. I think it would be fascinating to see the public– or even teammates– react a bit differently to seeing someone they'd laid to rest suddenly pop back into their lives.

What do you think?

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