I ran across this the other day and thought the literary intelligentsia on here might be interested. I make no suppositions on the correct use of the words "literary intelligentsia," but I like saying it out loud LITERARY INTELLIGENTSIA! and it looks cool in print, so there! I also like saying "eviscerate," but I digress.

Some genius/despot/bored person compiled a list of 100 sites that offer free books to peruse and or download.


According to the title, these sites are legal and totes legit. I haven't tried any of them, so I have no idea of their validity and/or safety, so if you are clicking on the links to snatch some words on the cheap, you're on your own!!

See the entire list here. (Note: The list is long and may take a second or three to load. I've even had to refresh it to get it to load.)