The Roller Derby Hall of Fame cleaning lady wheels into action! A team of French animation students tackle an American sport where women could get tough back in the 50s.

2012 Supinfocom Arles Graduation short movie directed by Florian Pichon and Héloïse Papillon, Lucas Morandi, Julien Perez, Maxime Mege-Ythier & Jean-Baptiste Trullu.

I have travelled to Arles way back before CGI existed. Arles is an ancient town with Roman ruins, medieval stones, Van Gogh's ear and modern coffeehouses. It's a gateway to Camargue, where I went chasing wild white horses with a camera. It was a film camera, born before me, but sturdy like my car, I remember following the French (when in France and all that) driving through salty Mediterranean shallow seawater to get to remote beaches.

Time-traveling to today, Arles has CGI schools with branches in India and creative acronyms. Supinfocom (école SUPérieure d'INFOrmatique de COMmunication, roughly University of Communication Science) is a computer graphics university with campuses in Valenciennes, Arles (France) and Pune (India). i09 featured shorts from Arles here and here.