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Friday Night Open Thread

How’s everyone doing?! TALK! Welcome to the Friday Night open thread. Where we complain that Mortal Dictata is not complaining about something as a pretext to open a thread. So today I suddenly got a new job. Which means that I’m gonna go crazy but I will have more money to buy me some stuff! I need more legos.

Also, I just bought some Lego Dimensions stuff. For some reason they have been on a big sale and I got several of them for 2.5 dollars a piece. The most expensive is the one I bought today and spent about 13 dollars for a Capaldi Doctor Who with a Tardis and a K9.


So my new job is the same as the old job that I had to quit due to them wanting to send me away and make me quit my other teaching job... Like it’s exactly the same. I’m at the same school, teaching the same classes. I will love the extra money and I do love teaching. However now I will have 11 groups at a time and that means around 300 students. How many of them will survive? Stay tuned! But my goal is to keep 95% alive. It’s still within a good error margin for the sample given.

So what about you, people? What have you been up to? Talk about whatever you want!

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