Good morning everyone! I just managed to convince* work that Fridays should be Movie Fridays and now we're watching Despicable Me on the big TV. Later, I'm going shopping with the company's money to pick up some shit from Staples and I plan on taking a pretty long time do so.

I really don't know if I'm ever going to be with another company that gives me this much leeway. What if I *gasp* actually have to work during work? Luckily I'm going to school for the next three years so I'll avoid that issue for a while!

Do you get lax Fridays? If you work from home, do you wear the, like, extra comfy pants? Or just give up on pants entirely?**

I'm also hoping this happens sometime this weekend for me:


*It's amazing what they let me get away with when I just do things and assume it will be fine. My coworker said she was cool with it!