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Friendly Advance Notice: Tomorrow's Wednesday Android Post

Ahem, rather than get right to the notice I'd like to tease you first because Google is teasing us die hard Android aficionados.

Tomorrow is the big day folks. New Nexus device (or devices) and the official dropping of Android L. Pessimippopatamus and others and I have been discussing it a bit as of late and none of us have a clue as to what the official name of the "L" release will be.


But some keen eyes have noticed something in a screenshot of the Chromium Issue Tracker and you all can figure out for yourselves what L related sweet it might be.

As for tomorrow's post, it will be Nexus 9 (and possibly Nexus 6) and Android L oriented. I'll do the reading and watching so you all don't have too. Specs, prices, availability and all that good stuff will be taken care of, along with my thoughts on everything.

Since there's no time set for any unveiling expect the post in the afternoon at worst.


For the morning expect a review of the new Moto X, which I am dying to run out of here to get home to and get to messing with. IT IS SITTING ON MY DOORSTEP! Please, oh, please kitty be there guarding it!


That's all for now, just wanted to give everyone the heads up on tomorrow's activities.

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