The long and short of it is Google is giving people 2 GB of additional Google Drive storage for free for securing their accounts this Safer Internet Day.

You can read more about it here.

Basically, follow that link and within it click where it says "Security Checkup" and then review the information and update or input something (if you haven't before) and go through the three sections. Once you're done you'll see this screen below.

That's it! You'll be eligible for the additional storage and you'll likely see it added to your Drive account around the end of the month. (They'll send you an email when everything's been completed and you've had it added to your account.)

I've written about and discussed why doing things like this is important (particularly enabling 2 factor/2 step authentication).


So if you've not read that before and even if you have I suggest giving it a look. There are some great links contained within, as well as some helpful suggestions/app recommendations for staying secure online.

EDIT! Please see the following for something you can also do while you're securing your account.


To end on a positive note though, I would like to share something mesmerizing with you all.

Look at this GIF below while listening to this song here.


(Also, does anyone know where that GIF is from? I know I should know but it took me almost an hour to even remember the name of the guy on the left. Dom Deluise for anyone who doesn't know. You might remember him as the voice of Pizza the Hut.)

Ah screw it, throwing up the song to save you clicking over.

I've been entertained for far longer than I'd like to admit all morning by the combination of the two. (If I have to explain why that GIF and song work well together and are amusing then I can't help you to be honest. Go find some '90s SNL clips and thank me later.) Also, I've never understood that video. Then again it was the '90s. Show me a music video that made complete sense from that time and wasn't slightly ridiculous and I'll maybe start believe the '90s weren't completely bonkers. The cartoons were great though!


Edit. Also as an additional friendly notice, those of you who read or look forward to my Wednesday Android Update post, there likely won't be one tomorrow. I'm getting in some new devices to check out tomorrow, so I'll just put up a few reviews instead. (Nexus 6 and Google Cardboard, before anyone has to ask.) So barring any seriously breaking news expect device reviews instead tomorrow or Thursday. (Depending on my work load and ability to write the posts. It'll be one per device.)