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Friendly Notice: Ars Technica's Lollipop Review

Ars Technica has an insanely thorough and in-depth review of Lollipop.

I know some of you read my review of Lollipop, which it goes without saying I kept toned down and focused more on the stuff that affects day to day use and that the average person would be interested in checking out.


If you're at all interested in all things Android or at all interested in learning more about the latest update to the OS I highly suggest you head over to Ars and give their review a read. It's highly informative and has far more screenshots (with information attached) than my write-up did.

The best part of the review is at the end, which I will go SPOILERS on you all and share here.

"The Good

  • Material Design brings a fresh, beautiful look to the entire OS.
  • The animations aren't perfect, but they make Android feel like a slick OS and less like, well, Android.
  • Hands-free, always-on voice commands are the best thing to happen to smartphones in years.
  • The "document centric" multitasking interface makes multitasking in a single app a breeze. Mixing in websites with native apps makes users think less about the app and more about the task.
  • Smart Lock is a nice mix of security and convenience.
  • Notifications are improved all around—less interruptions when you don't want them, much more user control, and finally, a do not disturb mode.
  • The Quick Settings panel is easier to access and has some long awaited new toggles like auto rotate and flashlight.

The Bad

  • Still no phone support for landscape in the home screen and lock screen.
  • Inconsistent apps. Some are updated for Material Design, some aren't. Some of the apps that were updated weren't updated consistently.
  • The new Google Calendar app is slower and shows less information than the old one. They even removed the month view.
  • Gmail taking over e-mail duty gets really confusing if you've switched to Inbox. I'm now using Inbox to access Gmail and Gmail to access Exchange.
  • The Ugly

  • Beware the inevitable TouchWiz release that paves over all the improvements and ships on millions more devices."

Emphasis added on that last part by me. I'm an Android purist, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at my desk when I got to that part of the review.

Fair warning to all, I'm working on another post at the moment that'll link to all the Lollipop OTA updates currently available, as well as how to flash them.


If anyone is interested in being on Lollipop but doesn't see their device listed on there and is game for tinkering, just say so. I'll see what I can do for you. I can't make any promises one way or the other as to whether we can put Lollipop on your phone, but I can say that I've got friends who are now ROM flashing machines who had no clue about any of this stuff and I talked through the process over the phone or via Hangouts or what have you. It's really easy as long as you have some good reference points and someone around you can hit up should you have any issues.

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