This is a deal that is expiring at midnight PST, so if you’re at all inclined then get on this while you can.

The BLU VIVO Air is on sale over on Amazon for $149.99, that’s a savings of $50.

One thing worth pointing out, this is not an LTE phone. It is, however, HSPA+ compatible with all North American GSM carriers. (That’s speeds that are slightly slower than LTE but loads better than 3G.)

Beyond that, you can read a pretty lengthy hands on write-up from Android Police to learn more about the phone.


And the final thoughts on the phone are as follows:

I really like the Vivo Air from Blu. I love how slim and sleek it is, I love how light it is. I really really like how it feels in my hands, and I don’t even really mind the limited hardware. The overall experience is great, but it’s worth mentioning that it is KitKat. It’s slated to get Lollipop later this year, which will be interesting to see - I haven’t used a Lollipop device with only one gigabyte of RAM yet, so I’m not sure how well that will work out. Hopefully all the memory leaks will be fixed by then so it doesn’t completely kill the experience.

I’m actually still kind of blown away at the price of this device, because there’s no way it feels, looks, or responds like a $200 phone. None. For that amount of money, it’s the best phone you can buy right now. It just is.


Is this phone for everyone? Definitely not. Is this a pretty good phone for someone on a budget? Hell yeah!

If I had spare cash right now I’d pick one up myself. It looks pretty sweet.

So do with the info what you will. Can’t say I didn’t alert you as to the deal though.