Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Friendly Notice: Cerberus Free Lifetime Licenses Expiring!

This one just popped up on Android Police just now and I figured it was worth sharing, especially as I just verified it for myself and can confirm it in full. Several times throughout the past few years Cerberus has offered free lifetime licenses for any users who signed up during the various promotional periods and I’ve mentioned them on the Odeck as they occurred. It appears those “lifetime” licenses, however, were not actually for lifetime use.

Illustration for article titled Friendly Notice: Cerberus iFree /iLifetime Licenses Expiring!

A quick trip to the Cerberus web interface yields the results seen above. The licenses are set to expire in just under two weeks.

Apparently people have reached out to LSDroid, the developer of Cerberus, and have been told that keeping those licenses from for a lifetime wasn’t feasible due to cost. I can understand that, at the same time such issues should be thought about before telling people to signup to get free lifetime licenses. So revoking them after the fact with absolutely no warning whatsoever is kind of a dick move. Which exactly what happened in this case. People visited the web interface and saw what you see above and that prompted “wtf is going on here” thoughts which led to the discovery of “there is no such thing as a free lifetime license”.


It should be noted that this is only taking place for users who received a free license. If you paid for one then your license will not be affected.

I personally used the service more than once to find a lost device for myself, family, and friends. All of whom scored free lifetime licenses thanks to me. So this is kind of a bummer. I’ll be switching everyone over to Android Device Manager now though. Provides mostly the same set of features, minus the ability to take pictures of people when they enter the wrong unlock code on your device. But I can live without that.

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