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Friendly Notice: Dinobots Whisperer T-Shirt Is A Thing You Can Buy

Sorry, this may be US only (didn’t really check), but this came up as a suggested post on my Facebook feed, and they did good with the suggestion this time. A Transformers Optimus Prime with Dinobots t-shirt, mimicking the “raptor whisperer” scene from Jurassic World.

It’s a crowd funded t-shirt, but they’re already at 150% of the minimum 50 shirt order, so basically it’s now a t-shirt on sale, and there’s a 20% pre-order discount code (Preorder20).


It’s being sold be 80sTees, and you can get it here.

Warning: looking through the site may lead to being tempted to buy other cool looking t-shirts, many of which are only $10 so it’s hard to resist, but I really shouldn’t after spending so much on Amazon yesterday, and on Comixology (using Amazon Payments) and Google Books the day before.

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