EDIT. Looks like they’ve run out, folks!

So it seems Google Cardboard is really taking off out of nowhere lately. Everyone is giving away headsets. I got the one from Conan a little over a week ago and this past week some other site was giving them away and I’d have mentioned it to all of you too except for one thing, it was a porn site and I learned about it from reddit and the first thing myself and most other redditors thought was, “Oh no, I’m not falling for that. First they give you Google Cardboard and then bam! Your mailbox is filled with porn related advertisements and your family and neighbors think you’re more of a freak than you already are.” So I didn’t mention it.

But I just saw that Absolut is giving away Google Cardboard and the version they’re giving away is from Knox Labs, who make some great Cardboard headsets and are one of the official Google listed Cardboard manufacturers.

Oh yeah, it’s not just one Cardboard. It’s two! Absolut is giving you two Knox Labs created Google Cardboard headsets! For free!

Why? Because apparently they’re livestreaming “an intimate set with Bob Moses”. I don’t know who that is and I’m honestly to lazy to bother finding out. (I looked anyway and I think this might be said Bob Moses and honestly it’s not bad music. I’d probably check it out for a bit via said livestream.)


So why are you still reading this? Go get your order on!