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Motorola has a ridiculous deal going on right now!

If you buy an unlocked Moto X (or one on a 2-year contract from either AT&T or Verizon) they will also allow you to get a Moto E (2nd Gen.) with 3G (so looks like that kickass 4G model I mentioned recently isn't included in this promotion) for free.


Basically two phones for the price of one. Although the price of that one phone may not be so cheap depending on how you customize it.

I've written about the Moto X (2nd Gen.) before, it's been my daily driver device since I got it back in October roughly.


I tend to buy Motorola phones almost exclusively for myself, family members, and friends. There's a reason why, they are simply amazing devices and the price points for the various models are almost all wallet friendly (save the Moto X depending again on how you customize yours).

If you're at all in the market for a new phone this is a great deal. The Moto E would make the perfect backup device should the worst happen to your Moto X or it can make a great gift to relative or friend.


It's worth pointing out two things though. First off, this deal doesn't officially go live until 11 AM CST, which means it should be live by the time I publish this post. Secondly, non-US people reading this are S.O.L. (shit out of luck). Sorry, guys and gals. For what it's worth though, you bastards can buy the Moto G LTE (2nd Gen.) which isn't even available to those of us in the U.S. at the moment. So it's not like we're one up on you entirely with this promo.

For those potentially interested in devices other than the Moto X, I've written about last year's Moto G LTE and Moto E previously. This year's models of both are slightly bigger and better specced naturally.


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