Don't forget kids, I/O is tomorrow. The Keynote will be up as a livestream and start at 11 AM (CST). It's a two day event, so there'll be a ton of breaking and exciting news throughout the day from various Android and tech sites.

I had a number of friends who emailed and texted me having heard of I/O and asking me to break it down for them with what was going on and all that, so maybe tomorrow I'll just do a mini or not so mini post touching on everything that gets announced or discussed tomorrow and share it with you all. Like that you all will be spared the fluff and jargon that most of the tech sites will be putting up tomorrow.

Also, am I the only one who remembers Larry Page's speech from last year and the interesting bit near the end concerning what was later dubbed by many "Google Island"? Cause wtf. I'd get a passport stat to go live and work there.

As for the rumor mill heads up, here's a few things that are being touted as likely going to be discussed tomorrow.

A major UI redesign that'll cover everything Google. From your computer to your tablet to your phone, one cohesive overall look for all. (No, that doesn't mean it'll be the same across the board but just a generalized look and feel.)


Android Wear! This is the one I'm looking forward to. Like I said awhile back in a comment, someone pointed out the keynote for this one is taking place at Motorola's headquarters. Moto 360, anyone? Also LG has a smart watch all but ready for sale, so this might come up. Major rumor mill stuff is Samsung is bringing something new to the table on this front as well.

Android Silver. This one may or may not be brought up, but Google has long been rumored to be planning to kill off the Nexus line of devices. At their own choosing or at the behest of OEMs/carriers. You decide, my money is on the latter though. That said they're supposedly going to work with both to bring relatively affordable pure Android devices to stores, with knowledgeable staff (Google trained) and timely updates for all.


Off the top of my head those are the big ones worth keeping an eye on. Beyond that it'll be lots of stuff catered more to developers than anything and I feel as a great many here would blank out over hearing about. Not a slight against any of you, you're all sharp as tacks. Just that a lot of it is kinda dull if you aren't really into that sort of thing.

If you're so inclined, head over to Ars to check out their two articles on IO. They've got one basically discussing the "what might be discussed" stuff for tomorrow and another covering some of the stuff they've touched on recently. Both are great reads.